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Fred Barnes Says Mitt Romney Has Best Economic Plan For U.S.

Reported by Donna - January 23, 2008 -

Today on Fox & Friends they spoke mostly about the death of actor, Heath Ledger. They did manage to get around to the economy and who would be the best at handling the economy.

Fred Barnes (from the Beltway Boys) was the guest who right away said that Mitt Romney would be the best choice.at turning things around (Doocy asked the question). Barnes said he has the laugest stimulus package. He did say that turning around a corporation is a bit different than turning around the nations ecomony. (Comment: A little bit and doesn't the presdent have a Masters in Business? How did the economy get so bad?)

Barnes said that Romney's package made a lot of sense with 100% expensing, depreciation, tax write offs for for investing in capital, buying equipment. Barnes added that after 2 years that might have some impact.

Barnes went on to say that the other (then hesitated, was he going to say the other side?) plan that the president and the Democrats wanted was to give $800 to everyone in May. He said the sticking point was that the Democrats wanted to give the $800 rebate for those who didn't pay taxes but this would probably be resolved and would be given to those who didn't pay taxes.

Kilmeade talked about the $800 in May and said that was might be bringing Romney's numbers up in Florida - his economic plan.

Kilmeade said that on the Democratic side he saw a study (Comment: He saw a study? What study, by who?) that says that Hillary is 46% ahead of Barack Obama on the economy, so somehow he has to change his message.

Barnes said he (Obama) didn't have much of a message, that Democrats were thinking about Iraq and things the government can do that it wasn't doing already.

Doocy (Comment: A little late to the party( said they were actually thinking of giving $800 to people who didn't pay taxes?

Barnes said that that was the Democrats chief complaint and he thinks that the compromise will be made and these people who don't pay the taxes will get the $800 also.

Comments: I can hear all the complaining from the Republicans for giving $800 to people who don't pay taxes but you won't hear a word about the trilliions of dollars and lives being spent in a worthless war.