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Fox guest slurs Bill Clinton by saying, "He never respected the office of president." She said, "I can just wink-wnk and everyone knows what I mean"

Reported by Donna - January 23, 2008 -

When are the Republicans going to get some spirit and start debating each other about issues and past policies of their running mates? Because all I see on Studio B is Barack Obama and The Clintons (Comment: Yes, the Clintons) debating the records of their competition.

Do the Republicans have no backbone or are they all just lackluster candidates? Or is all they do is throw slurs at former presidents?

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he brought in Democratic strategist, Tanya Acker and Republican strategist, Andrea Tantaros.

Smith started off by saying Tom Daschle slammed Bill Clinton for Obama Attacks. Now, I'm sure there are others out there who are slamming Obama for attacking the Clintons, but Fox is keeping up their job of fracturing the party.

Smith asked Acker and she said it was important at this time to not stoop to "decisive rhetoric" when it came to these debates. Smith said maybe that was a part of the strategy to separate Hillary from Obama. Acker said it made both of them look bad (Comment: Oh, one of the good Democratic strategists employed by Fox) She went on to say that it makes them "look bad" and this is not what we want from these two brilliant candidates."

The banner read: Daschle: Bill Clinton 'Destroys; Party W/Obama Attacks

Smith asked Tantaros the same question that maybe it gets Obama off his message of uniter, uniter, too? Tantaros went on to attack Bill Clinton, saying he had been an "unconventional president" from day one with his dropping into McDonalds and such. Tartaros said he never respected the office of president. She said, "I can just wink-wnk and everyone knows what I mean." (Comment: The question was about Barack Obama, the Republicans can't stay on topic)

It sounded like Smith said, 'Oh boy' in the background. He said Clinton was one of the best politicians he's ever seen in his life though his handlers must find him hard to control.

Acker said she was not going to "dignify the comment" about President Clinton "not dignifying the office." Smith said, "Yeah, I didn't either."

Acker went on to say that she didn't want to see all the infighting going on between these two brilliant people. Smith suggested Oprah. Acker said Oprah and Bill Clinton were both above these types of poltics.

Tantaros said she thought Clinton and Oprah were both distrations She said to make it about the issues, and that Oprah brought the race issue back into it.

Comments: It was a definitely ignorant remark by Tantaros about Bill Clinton and him not respecting the ofice of president. Both Acker and Smith showed their displeasure for the cheap shot.

Acker got stronger as the segment went on and made herself out to be the bigger person by not acknowledging the Republican strategist's slur. And what did Tarntaros mean by Oprah bringing in the race issue? She's a most successful business woman.