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Conservative Guest, Brigitte Gabriel Says Who Gives A Darn About Russia's Reputation So Why Should They Care About Our World Reputation?

Reported by Donna - January 14, 2008 -

The Military's Chief Officer and the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chief want Guantanamo Bay closed. This was reported today on Studio B with Shepard Smith. He had two guests to speak about it, Brigitte Gabriel, president and founder of American Congress for Truth, a conservative group and Spencer Boyer, Director of International Law for the Center for American Progress.

Smith said that Spencer's group said that Guantanamo is a symbol of American hypocrisy and abuse. Smith said this is not the first time we have heard this, he asked Gabriel why it should remain open?

Gabriel said it needs to be kept open because "it's holding 300 of the world's most terrible terrorists.that even their own nations don't want them back." Smith interupted her and said,"Now wait a minute nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. Not 300 of the world's most terrible terrorists, 300 suspected terrorists. We're a nation of laws, remember?" Gabriel went on to say yes but we picked these guys up off the battle field. Gabriel went on to say again that these people are so bad that even Saudi Arabia who has a terrorist rehab center don't even want them back. She asked why we should let them into our jails where they'll have rights.

Smith asked Boyd, "Why should we?"

Boyd said that "Guantanamo has become a huge liability for the United States." He said when you look at our reputation and status around the world, he said there was no contest, that Guantanamo should be closed down.

Gabrial said, "Nonsense, since when does the United States fight a war, to protect citizens by playing according to what our enemy thinks about our reputation" Comment: Aha! Boyd said nothing about "playing according to what our enemy thinks about our reputation" he said when you look at our reputation and status "around the world." Gabriel went on to say, "who gives a darn" about Russia's reputation when they do something? (Comment: A lot of people, and do we really want to be compared to Russia?)

Gabriel said we are at war with Radical Islam (Comment: I thought it was Al Qaeda, wonder who brought that new group around?) and this war has been declared on us (Comment: After we attacked a sovereign country who didn't threaten us). Gabriel added that we have to do what we have to do to keep these terrorists and put them in their place where we can monitor them instead of them going back on the streets (Comment: Who said that? The streets? Only her, Boyd didn't say to put them back on the streets) so we can bring them back from the streets so we can bring them back to the prison. (Comment: I think she gets extra points for probably being a Fox watcher because she certainly stated a lot of lies)

Smith asked Boyd how much of this is about location or about how they've been treated down there, not having legal coucil for so many years?

Boyd said "I think it's largely about that." He continued saying that just as Smith had said at the beginning of the program it is that Guantanamo is a symbol of abuse and hypocrisy and frankly lawlessness around the world. Boyd talked about some of the people who talked about closing Guantanamo. Boyd said not only Admiral Mullens but President Bush himself is on record as saying it should be closed. Former Sec of State, Colin Powell and Sec of Defense, Gates says it should be closed. Boyd said even presendential candidate, John McCain said it should be closed on day 1 and transferred to Levenworth. Boyd added that no one is saying that we should let them go but Guantanamo is beyone redemption. (Comment: Get it Gabriel? No one is saying letting them go)

Smith asked Gabrial if their would be an outcry if this happens or is this simply going to happen?

Gabriel said that this is a very bad idea and that we would see many generals and many handlers of the prisoners who know the prisoners there. Gabriel said that you will see many of these people rise up about this and fight this. Gabriel said that we cannot bring these types of terrorists into our own nation into our prison system to fight us on our own turf plus poisoning the minds of the other prisoners who are susceptible to this kind of training.

Comments: Wow, she must have really gone too far if Shepard Smith jumped on her to begin with. Most of my comments are throughout my post but to even have someone on to argue to keep Guantanamo open is ridiculous.