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Shepard Smith Says Who Cares About OJ Then Has Several Segments On Him

Reported by Donna - January 11, 2008 -

You would have thought it was the OJ show on Studio B today. They had four or five segments on OJ and Smith even said, "OJ, why are you going to jail, OJ, OJ" to the screen while they showed video of OJ on Studio B.

OJ was one of the top stories. It's being reported that he may have revoked his parole (a lawyer at the end said he may not have revoked his parole) and a bondsman and someone else was accompanying him on a jet to Las Vegas to return to jail.

Steve Harriigan said that he revoked his bond by leaving some kind of voice mail message to a possible witness. Harrigan said he tried to talk to OJ as he passed through security but was unseuccessful. Harrigan said there was a hearing on Monday while the screen flashed a banner that said the hearing was on Wednesday. So take your pick. Harrigan said OJ was looking amused and "enjoyed the attention." Harrigan said OJ was looking for the E Channel, he kept asking, "Where is E?" Later on in another segment we found out he was looking for concourse 'E'.

They later joined Adam Housley who said he was at the airport with OJ and had the bail bondsman and another individual and "official document" with them.

On another segment they had video of OJ moving through the airport in a white golf shirt and a white visor on. (Coment: Important news there)

Later on Shepard said it was, "OJ Friday."

He had two lawyers on the show for another segment, Julia Morrow, a former prosecutor and Monica Lindstrom, a Defense Attorney. Smith asked them about the OJ situation and of course the prosecutor was against OJ and the Defense Attorney was explaining his rights. Julia said he was going to jail for violating probations (which they weren't even sure of) and Monica said that sometimes there are misunderstandings and this happens quite frequently.

Smth said, "You either see OJ playing golf, on his phone or taking notes." He said that he was sick of OJ. (Comment: Oh yeah? Then why are you making the whole show about him?)

Comments: Smith and Fox News has beeh fascinated with OJ since he brought in the ratings or Fox News years ago. Yeah, I can tell how 'sick' of OJ Smith he is because of a couple of posts such as here and here (when he called it OJ Monday) where he goes on and on about OJ Simpson. I think if everyday was OJ day, Smith would be perfectly happy, unless he's busy himself chasing a story and getting his mugshot on the Smoking Gun.