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Steve Doocy From Fox & Friends Asks If Hillary Is A Piece Of Livestock?

Reported by Donna - January 3, 2008 -

Brian Kilmeade from Fox and Friends said that that no doubt about it, Hillary had changed her campaign in the past two and a half weeks. She changed her words every other day, became more charming and attempted to come across as an Iowan as opposed to yelling at people and telling them to vote for her. (Laughter)

Steve Doocy from Fox and Friends asked if Hillary was a person of Iowa or a piece of live stock?

He then ran a piece of video of Hilary talking where she was talking slowly to her audience. The clip showed a raspy voice (I can imagine she is very tired and talked out) and she said she was told by someone to stand over by the livestock and she said ok, if it goes by the process, if you want to look inside my mouth, go ahead. (Comment: Hillary was making a joke, Doocy was putting her down)

Doocy said that that was ok we don't need to look at teeth. Carlson was kinder and said she was just trying to appeal to the voters. Kilmeade said he had spoke to Robert Novak who says he has really good sources and Hillary is going to come in third.

Now we all know who Robert Novak is and his relationship to the CIA scandal. But, see, Fox likes to hire people with shady pasts. Think Ollie North.

In the meantime, I watched 6 - 8:10 a.m. est and there was a powder puff interview with all of Mitt Romney's sons and another powder puff interv9ew with Mike Huckabee, who got off easy with the 'I did print an attack ad against Mitt Romney but I wouldn't let it be released.' Meanwhile Doocy says it's all over the internet.

Once again it's easy street for the Republicans, it's making fun of Democrats. Typical Fox reporting.