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And The Beat Goes On - During The First Caucus A Breaking News Alert Comes Out - Fear & Terror Al Qaeda Tape

Reported by Donna - January 3, 2008 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they had a special 2 hour special on the Iowa caucus. They seemed to cover most of the candidates but right at the end of the two hour special, Smith broke in with a breaking news coverage of a terrorist Al Qaeda tape being released.

The program was on point and comical. There was a rumor about Fred Thompson dropping out if he doesn't do well. Smith seemed to think this may be something that came from the Romney camp since he's running in heat with Huckabee. The couple or three points could help tremendously. They also talked about the Romney team making phone calls and telling people to go to the wrong caucus place. Rumors or Truth?

They also spoke about the horrible attacks going on with Mitt Romney going after Mike Huckabee and Huckabee 'sort of' having an attack ad then pulling it, but the ad is now all over the internet.

We heard that though he's not running in Iowa, if Giuliani comes in third that would be good for him. He's running a 'national campaign.' We also learned that coming in second or third is not necessarily a bad thing, though it could be for some of the candidates.

Even Shepard Smith said that Giuliani's campaign was about "9/11, 9/11, 9/11."

We found out a lot about the different candidates. They talked about the virtual tie between Clinton, Obama and Edwards. We also learned that the Democratic caucus is run differently than the Republican one. The Republican one is done virtually like a primary. The Democrats are allowed to change candidates if their candidate doesn't get 15% at a caucus place.

But all that changed when Studio B broke into coverage at the end of the show that brought Catherine Herridge in with breaking news that an Al Qaeda terror tape was going to be released.

Comment: How about the timing of that? Didn't that happen several times during the 2004 campaign? The fear factor is back and this is one of the only things the Republicans are running on. Fear mongering and terror, the Republican way.

You report, we decide.