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FOX declares war on Great Barrington Massachusetts

Reported by Chrish - December 21, 2007 -

O'Reilly producer Jesse Watters was sent to Great Barrington Mass. to confront the town council on their decision to turn the town's Christmas lights off at 10PM, when stores close, in a conservation effort. Of course O'Reilly is twisting and spinning the insignificant move into a national story to promote his delusional war on Christmas (read Christians) fable and his role as savior. FOX and Friends carried the embarrassing video and furthered the phony feud this morning 12/21/07.

Watters told the council "You guys are attacking these Christmas lights here" and asked "is this some kind of ruse to de-emphasize Christmas?" Omigod. When a council member replied that "that is not an accurate statement" Watters asked him "what are your feelings regarding the Christmas lights?" He was told they were private feelings and none of his business, then was dressed down further by another member who told him they resented his accusations of attacking Christmas, or Christianity, and said they were asking very reasonable questions in trying to save the environment.

The issue was firther misrepresented by the chyron, "Attacking Christmas? Town votes to shut off light." Actually, they've agreed to turn them off two hours earlier than in past years in a gesture to cut electricity consumption.

The Friends pounced on the description "holiday lights" as evidence that it was indeed anti-Christmas, and steered viewers to Bill O'Reilly's column in the (sister company, not mentioned) New York Post column where he calls on Al Gore to straighten up the mess of his making. Good luck finding the column at nypost.com; I didn't.

Comment: Once again the Grinch rides into town and dismays everyone during this festive and generous time of year. Unfortunately the goon squad probably emitted more carbon in their trip up north than the well-intentioned council saved with their curfew. People who understand the concepts will work towards saving the planet, while deniers will stay the consumption course. Hopefully the crisis will be averted for all, and we can expect the leeches to declare that there wasn't a problem in the first place.