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Bill O'Reilly Makes Al Gore the Global Warming Grinch

Reported by Deborah - December 18, 2007 -

Last night Bill O'Reilly anxiously countered the possibility that Al Gore might be named TIME Magazine Person of the Year by naming General David Petraeus Factor Man of the Year. As I predicted, O'Reilly found a way to attack Gore on the eve of TIME's announcement with a story about the "New York elitist" selectman in Great Barrington, Massachusetts who decided to limit the town's lights this year because of global warming concerns. BOR ended the segment blaming Al Gore because he started it all.

Jesse Waters, BOR's trusted ambush journalist, traveled to Great Barrington to confront the town selectman asking them if their decision was " a ruse" to attack Christmas chiding them also for calling them " holiday lights". The selectman were angry and explained they didn't think it was necessary to put up excessive lighting this year.

Waters, looking so proud of himself, called them " environmental alarmists". O'Reilly said "a cow belching", was worse than the lights and described the town as "James Taylor territory", "touchy feely" and "wind chimes central." Then he proclaimed they "wouldn't say Christmas, Wouldn't say it!" Suggesting that the decision wasn't environmental at all but an attack on Christmas.

Of course, they started the clip of Great Barrington with a montage of reactions on the street which made it look like nobody there cared at all about doing their share to combat climate change. One woman commented that she thought the War on Christmas was over. O'Reilly later in the segment, informed viewers that the war was won but there are still an occasional "skirmish"

O'Reilly's final comment was " Al Gore gotta go there. He started all this". So if Al Gore is named Person of the Year tomorrow people should not think of his Nobel Prize or the profound impact he's had on this planet. No instead, BOR wants you to think of the poor town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts left partially lit because some " New York elitists", like the ones at TIME Magazine, decided to use the cause of global warming to destroy Christmas.

O'Reilly didn't mention that Great Barrington isn't the only town having this discussion. In fact , it's happening everywhere even in New York City where they solved the problem using L.E.D bulbs and solar panels. So the "elitists" in New York City have figured out a way to limit carbon emissions and make a tree so bright it can be seen from space.

Shame on Bill O'Reilly for not reporting that pro Christmas story right in his backyard. Think of the carbon emissions from Jesse Water's ambush mobile that might have been saved. Maybe enough to power a few more lights in Great Barrington. Unfortunately, that story makes Al Gore's message look good and could remind people that he deserves to be TIME Person of the Year.