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Bill O'Reilly Smears Mike Huckabee then Condemns Left For Doing It Too

Reported by Deborah - December 15, 2007 -

During the segment with Dennis Miller, 12/12/07, O'Reilly and Miller had some fun ridiculing Mike Huckabee after Miller claimed he " taps into the Walter Brennan contingent". Last night, 12/14/07, O'Reilly used his Talking Points to condemn his " far left" media enemies for doing the same thing claiming it's a sign of Christian persecution .

O'Reilly and Miller did the same kind of routine about Huckabee that they usually reserve for Dennis Kucinich. They always make sure to say how much they like Kucinich before they try to make him look foolish.

Miller claimed he likes " the Huck" noting that he taps into the Walter Brennan contingent" O'Reilly, playing straight man with an amused smirk asked him to explain. When Miller mentioned the old TV show The Real McCoys, O'Reilly asked if Miller thought Iowans were hillbillies. Miller softened the insult just a little saying the people in Iowa like that Huckabee is a "square" adding that he likes squares. Then he joked that the name Huckabee was too weird for a President.

Miller then showed a cover of Newsweek with Huckabee on the cover with the headline " Holy Huckabee" complaining that this indicated that the left wants Huckabee to run because they know he can't win. O'Reilly agreed claiming he has been saying the same thing. There was no mention of Christian persecution and , in fact, they both suggested it was a big plus for Mike Huckabee.

O'Reilly wrapped up the Huckabee conversation with another dig. " I'm glad little Little Luke is voting for Huckabee" and Miller quipped that "Pepino", the farmhand on Real McCoys, was probably an illegal immigrant.

Last night, O'Reilly first attacked Bonnie Erbe, Seattle Post Intelligencer, for describing Huckabee as a "knuckle dragger" and managed to smear Bill Moyers just because he felt like it saying that Erbe and Moyers are both "far left fantatics. BOR didn't mention the context of the Erbe's piece which can be read here.

Then he went after Eugene Robinson calling him " race baiting" adding that Robinson had attacked him on the recent racism controversy in Harlem. O'Reilly went after Robinson for claiming that Huckabee promised to govern in accordance with his fundamentalist beliefs claiming that Huckabee never promised that and also ran Arkansas as a secular. In fact, Robinson did praise Huckabee as Governor.

Here's what Robinson actually said.

" The truth is, though, that as governor of Arkansas, Huckabee didn't behave like the theocrat he makes himself out to be. His absolute reverence for human life didn't stop him from enforcing the death penalty, for example. I do believe that if he became president he would do everything in his power to deny women the right to reproductive choice, and that alone is reason enough to fear his emergence as a legitimate contender. On many other issues, though, Huckabee as governor was pragmatic and fairly moderate." (Full article)

O'Reilly ended his TPM blaming the "secular progressive smear machine" and if Mike Huckabee saw O'Reilly and Miller 's performance, who is he blaming?