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If the Economy's so Great, Why Can't Cavuto Find Time to Talk About it?

Reported by Melanie - December 14, 2007 -

Neil Cavuto's mantra is that there is nothing wrong with the economy. It's "doing well," he says. He claims to be baffled as to why Americans are so gloomy, suggesting it's the fault of the "liberal media" who nit pick and report nothing but bad economic news because they want to bring Bush down. Yet despite having 5-1/2 hours per week during which he could talk all he wants about how great things are, Cavuto never quite gets around to it, though he drops little pellets into his show claiming that he will -- in just a sec.

Five minutes in today (December 14, 2007) we heard this, after a segment about how the bad weather will boost the economy because people will spend more online:

Alright. Well, it did not work on Wall Street though. Stocks getting roughed up. Worries about inflation. Worries the Fed may stop cutting interest rates because the economy's doing pretty well [chuckle]. That had stocks down about 178 points to 13,229.85. Having said all of that though, the blue chips are still up about 7% on the year. A lot more on this later.

Here's video:

Fourteen minutes pass and Cavuto comes back with this:

I do want to pay attention to what's been happening in the lower right portion of your screen where you see some pretty big down numbers at the corner of Wall and Broad today, ironically [chuckle], because the economy's doing well. I don't want to blather on here but the Dow off close to 180 points on reports that inflation's creeping into the economy and so is a lot of activity. And that [inaudible] a lot of these guys think the Federal Reserve is just going to keep cutting interest rates. Well, maybe there is no need to do that. Alright. We'll have more on that.

Here's video of that:

Comment: Well, Cavuto didn't have "more on that," much less "a lot more." In fact, there was nothing more. So I'm waiting for the day when Cavuto spends time, "a lot" of time, talking about all the wonderful things that are happening with our economy. Hey, I'm patient. This is nothing new. I've been waiting for almost four years now.