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How Did Cavuto's Coverage of the Iowa Democratic Debate Compare to his Coverage of the Republican Debate?

Reported by Melanie - December 13, 2007 -

Fox's "business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, came on 30 minutes after the end of the Iowa Republican debate yesterday. Skipping the closing numbers on the Dow and all other business news, Cavuto immediately introduced Mike Huckabee and conducted an uninterrupted, 10 minute interview with him. They discussed taxes, spending, Bush's mortgage bailout plan, "attack ads," and running against the "Clinton machine." After the Huckabee interview, Cavuto went to Brit Hume for "analysis" of the debate, which I posted about yesterday.

It wasn't so much an "analysis" as a smear job on the debate moderator.

Here is video of the Huckabee interview,

Which went on,

And on. And then Brit Hume came on,

So, what did Cavuto say today (December 13, 2007) about the Democratic debate?

Here's video.

You got it -- nothing.

Cavuto opened the show with a FOX NEWS ALERT and word that the Baseball Commissioner would speak at 4:30 p.m. ET in reaction to "the steroid report." From there it was on to an uninterrupted interview with Rupert Murdoch (22 minutes) about his purchase of the Wall Street Journal, which was finalized today. From there it was on to the Commissioner's press conference, after which Cavuto took comments from some sports types.

Zip. Nada.

More of that "fair and balanced news." (We report. You decide.)