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FOX News "Democrat" Pat Caddell Reveals His Allegiance Is To Republicans

Reported by Ellen - December 7, 2007 -

Pat Caddell is a FOX News Contributor and a frequent guest on Hannity & Colmes, purportedly as a Democrat. On last night’s (12/6/07) show, Caddell was identified as a “former Democratic pollster” and appeared opposite Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway and with the presumably neutral Mike Allen of Politico. But as Media Matters has noted, Caddell’s commentary is distinguished by his attacks on Democrats and his support for Republican criticism of what is supposedly his own Party. But last night, Caddell let it slip that he is more interested in the future of the Republican Party than the Democratic one. With video.

Near the end of the second part of a two-part discussion about the presidential campaign (Part 2 below), Alan Colmes cited a recent Pew Hispanic Center poll indicating that Hispanics are leaving the Republican Party and joining the Democrats. Colmes stated that the poll reveals that 34% more Hispanics now either call themselves Democrats or say they lean Democratic than those identified as Republican. Just a little more than a year ago, in July 2006, that gap had been 21%.

“This is perhaps because of people like Tom Tancredo who turned these people off,” Colmes said to Caddell.

“Yeah,” Caddell acknowledged. By the way, check out how much darker his hair and beard are in this video compared with his appearance last February. “I think that this has been, has really hurt. In the short term, with some voters, Republicans have been helped on the immigration thing. But Tom Tancredo, that kind of language, that kind of thing, I – we saw it in California, it took Hispanics who were moving toward the Republican Party right out of the game. And they’ve been Democrats ever since. And I’m worried very much (it’s) the same thing.”

He’s worried? Why would he be worried about that if he were a Democrat. A real Democrat would have considered that statistic good news, not bad.

All of Part 2 of the discussion is included below so that one can see how Caddell is positioned as a Democrat by FOX News.