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FOX News, The Soft-Core Porn Network, Complained About Raunchy Street Fair But Promoted Video Of It

Reported by Ellen - December 6, 2007 -

As Brave New Film’s videos FOX Attacks Decency and FOX News Porn showed, FOX News loves to find excuses for salacious stories while perched on its high horse of "traditional" conservative values. But FOX outdid itself with a segment on last night’s (12/5/07) Hannity & Colmes. It cast a critical eye on the raunchy, S&M-oriented Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco with a guest who made a video documenting some of the sexual acts that occurred there. As the pièce de résistance, the video was being used to attack Nancy Pelosi. But just as I was anticipating howling with laughter at the irony, Alan Colmes smacked down the guest for his hypocrisy. With video.

The guest, Peter Labarbera, has made a career out of, as he puts it, “exposing the homosexual activist agenda.” As Colmes announced in his scripted introduction, Labarbera’s video includes acts of oral sex and orgies. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, the excerpts shown on Hannity & Colmes blurred the x-rated parts.

Colmes got right to the point with Labarbera. “Why’re you putting out gay porn? …You’re spreading the video… If this is such a terrible video, why spread it?”

Labarbera was obviously taken aback and never found a suitable answer to Colmes’ questions. “Alan, we’re exposing a horrible thing,” Labarbera said rather lamely.

“But you’re spreading what you call lewd and lascivious video. You’re giving it wider distribution. You’re gonna create more eyes, possibly more children’s eyes, seeing a video that you’re condemning and you’re showing it at the same time. That seems pretty hypocritical to me,” Colmes pressed.

Labarbera didn’t have much of a response to that either, other than to say he was holding Nancy Pelosi responsible.

Colmes continued, “It’s not Nancy Pelosi’s issue. Why aren’t you holding the governor accountable? It’s happening in Schwarzenegger’s state. You want to hit a Democrat over the head. …Why don’t you go after Schwarzenegger?”

Labarbera said, “It’s her district.”

“It’s his state,” Colmes retorted.

Naturally, Hannity got about a minute more time to both condemn the fair, San Francisco and Pelosi than Colmes got to debate Labarbera. Of course, Hannity’s extra time also allowed further elaboration on just what kinds of acts the video included.