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"News Hounds" Mentioned During FOX News Watch

Reported by Marie Therese - November 26, 2007 -

FOX News "reporter" Courtney Friel may be consigned to the basement at FOX News, writing death notices. She made the mistake of mentioning the "forbidden name" - News Hounds - during the Saturday, November 24th edition of FOX News Watch. The topic du jour was blogs and whether or not they have any influence politically. The conservatives generally decided that blogs are places where people throw things out that need to be cleaned up. Anchor Eric Burns brought up the dreaded "R" word - regulation. National Review's Rich Lowry thought regulation was "a bad idea," saying "the best solution to posts that are stupid or excessive is having other people point out that they're stupid and excessive and there are plenty of people out there to do that." HuffPo's Media & Special Projects Editor Rachel Sklar was the liberal voice of reason. Video below the fold, courtesy of Nedheads.