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Is Using a Tazer, Torture? The UN Says It Is

Reported by Donna - November 26, 2007 -

On Studio B with Shepard Smith and on Pulse on America with E.D. Hill (2 - 3 p.m. est) that there was discussion on Tazers being considered torture according to the United Nations.

On E.D. Hill's show she had Mike Newton from Vanderbilt University who said that it caused muscle iincapitation and was not considered torture in any legal definition.

On Studio B they had defense attorney, Drew Findling and prosecutor, Arthur Aidala on to talk about whether tazers were torture. Findling said that in the past week 6 people have died under the use of tazers. Four died in the U.S., two in Canada.

Aidala said that the ones who are dying are on some kind of medication or drug (Comment: What if the doctor prescribed you a medicine? You should die and that not be considered torture?)

Aidala also said that you could hit someone with a police stick or a shoe and that could be considered torture (yes, it could). Findling asked how many people had died in the last week from a shoe? Findling added that there was a mother who was now grieving the death of her 28 year old son who was not on any drugs or medication and died from a tazer.

Comment: It seems that the U.N. and Amnesty International consider a tazer to be torture. I'll leave it up to our readers - is using a tazer on someone torture?