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Attn News Hounds Near Ridgewood, NJ: Let's Show Sean Hannity What Democracy Looks Like

Reported by Ellen - November 23, 2007 -

You may recall that chickenhawk Sean Hannity recently dodged difficult questions from a viewer in the same fashion with which he avoided military service: by puffing himself up as a bullyboy. While that tactic may fool his audience into thinking he's a tough guy, we know it's really a cheap cover-up for cowardice. There's nothing wrong with choosing not to serve in the military (though it's rather hypocritical to then relentlessly advocate for wars, as Hannity does), but it's downright un-American to try to have a well-behaved questioner arrested at a booksigning. That's exactly what Hannity and his like-minded WABC radio cronies did when a DailyKos blogger tried to confront him on his service "record" -- even though the host store had not found any misbehavior. I don't think Hannity should be able to duck democracy that way. So I urge any and all News Hounds who can make it to his December 1 signing in Ridgewood, NJ to politely confront him. Details after the jump.

11/26/07 UPDATE: According to davefromqueens, this event has been canceled. I'll post more info as I receive it.

As Davefromqueens, the DailyKos blogger Hannity couldn't face, writes: Hannity and his fellow armchair general from WABC radio, Mark Levin, will do a booksigning on December 1, 2007 at Bookends, located at 232 East Ridgewood Road, about 15 miles from the GW Bridge in Ridgewood, NJ. Expect about 1500 Levin Loonies and Hannity's Insanitized to be there.

Please note that I advocate polite and civil discourse, only. But that doesn't mean you can't be passionate and persistent.