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Fox & Friends Admonish Barack Obama For Being Truthful & Kilmeade Calls Giuliani 'Our Good Friend'

Reported by Donna - November 21, 2007 -

Fox and Friends couldn't wait to rush the story of Barack Obama giving a speech and talking about his high school days when he was involed with drinking and taking drugs. He went on to add that these ended up being 'wasted years' and he smartened up when he got to college.

This was also reported a couple of years ago in Barack Obama's own book, Dreams From My Father.

But his honesty and being open in a discussion about it was not good enough for Fox and Friends.

Kilmeade said he should have added, 'but don't be like me.' Kilmeade said this was giving the message to the classroom where Obama was speaking that it's ok to take drugs and drink and you can still become president. (Shame on Kilmeade, Obama was just being honest about something that he had revealed years before in his book and he did call them wasted years, sending that message to the audience.)

Fox and Friends kept up the jokes and laughing in the next segment. Gretchen Carlson said speaking of drinking a presidential candidate was talking about drinking and a little drug use, and said we're talking about Barack Obama. Gretchen also said he said he was a junky pothead and that's where he was headed. Kilmeade said an anti drug groups (Comment: Like some anti drug group?) said it was a bad message because he never mentioned regrets or the price that you pay or the consequences. Doocy said, "Sure." Kilmeade said he's a very respected and was giving the message to the high schoolers that 'hey, maybe I can do drugs and I, too, will be ok.'

Doocy repeated that the same group said that the message was you can get high and booze it up and be president. Doocy said he should have said more about 'don't be like me.' Carlson said he could have talked more about the dangers of addiction.

The baner read, 'WASTED" YEARS, Obama: Experimented W/Drugs In H.S. Kilmeade said that one of their good friends, Rudy Giuliani, defended him and said he appreciated his honesty.

They then had the right wing radio host, Mancow on who said he used to smoke it up all the time with Barack Obama, he said Obama was hilarious. And the Fox and Friends crew just laughed and laughed as Mancow made fun of smoking pot. Mancow also told the Fox and Friends crew that he loved the idea that they were talking about a man who got high and wanted to become president when they had Ron Paul, who was high right now. More laughter ensued.

I usually monitor between 6 and 8 a.m. est but I caught the beginning of the 8 o'clock hour where Kilmeade said (with seething sarcasm) that Barack Obama was certainly not an 'A' student in school but he sure knew the 'D's, drinking and drugs. Kilmeade said they would be discussing about (in the third hour) how Obama comes clean on his drinking and drug use.

Comments: Give me a break - the book came out a couple of years ago and explained all of this. All the Fox and Friends group were doing was bashing Obama, time after time. All the giggling and laughing. Where was the fair and balanced part of this story that they were running for three segments? We had Mancow and we had Kilmeade talk about their good friend, Rudy Giuliani. But did we have a Democrat on to give his/her perspective? No.

Did we talk about Rudy Giuliani's discretions? No. We didn't discuss how he tried to sneak his mistress (now his third wife) into Gracie Mansion with his wife and kids in the house! But no, we couldn't do that because he's Fox's good friend. What respectable news outlet uses these words when talking about a presidential candidate? Well, Fox does.

Did they even discuss the fact that we have a president who was a boozer until he was 40? That it took his wife threatening to leave before he gave up drinking? That he raised two young girls as an alcoholic? No. There have also been rumors that President Bush snorted cocaine. I guess I can use the Fox way of reporting and say, 'some people say'...

What's good for the goose is not good for the gander on Fox and Friends, a joke of a news show.