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DailyKos Smeared Again On Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - November 15, 2007 -

Apparently, there’s only so much balance the FOX News conservatives can take and it’s not very much. Just a few days after Sean Hannity’s WABC radio program director tried to have a DailyKos blogger arrested when he attempted to ask Sean Hannity a tough question, Hannity and two FOX News contributors, including the supposedly liberal Juan Williams, all threw hissy fits because Newsweek dared to hire DailyKos proprietor Markos Moulitsas to do occasional commentary on the election. The pundits from the same network that regularly offers a sympathetic platform to Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and others were suddenly howling about divisiveness in journalism. With video.

Guest Bill Sammon has a history of lies and inaccuracies. See, for example, here, here, and here. Sammon trotted out (again) Moulitsas’ 2004 post about the killings of the Blackwater contractors in Fallujah. Moulitsas had written “Screw them,” then recanted that post a few days later. In his second post, Moulitsas, a veteran, repudiated and explained his original post by saying that he grew up in a war zone in El Salvador and that he was angry that five soldiers had been killed in Iraq the same day yet had received far less attention than the much higher paid Blackwater contractors. Nevertheless, Sammon, who never served, and the non-serving Hannity both used the original post as evidence that Moulitsas is a “hater” and a “divider,” and dismissed his recantation as insincere.

“I think they may have gone too far by hiring this guy for Newsweek,” Sammon said. Somehow, I doubt he ever complained about the poisonous rhetoric used by Ann Coulter who has never apologized at all, whose columns appear far more widely and who regularly spews her venom on that very network.

Alan Colmes was the only person on the panel to defend Moulitsas. Colmes said Moulitsas is not far left, “He’s for free trade, Kos is. He’s for balanced budgets. He’s really, he’s not a far left liberal as he has been portrayed. But he is against the status quo because he’s a reformer. That’s where he’s at.” In fact, Moulitsas has supported conservative Democrats such as Stephanie Herseth and Ben Chandler.

Sammon, of course, insisted that Moulitsas is far left, though without citing any of his posts or positions which might support such a conclusion.

Hannity declared that Moulitsas didn’t mean it when he expressed regret. “The apology, frankly, didn’t meet the standards that I think that anybody who really meant it would place it at,” Hannity said high-handedly. So what are Hannity’s standards for an apology? He didn’t say. But, apparently, if you’re conservative like Mel Gibson or Duane “Dog” Chapman or Trent Lott, your apology is sincere. Or if you’re a conservative hate-monger like Coulter, you don’t need to apologize at all.

Williams was the most disappointing of all. Williams has been an excellent guest on Hannity & Colmes in the past. It was surprising that he didn’t seem to be at all familiar with DailyKos yet was ready to condemn it anyway. Williams said, “The fact is that (Moulitsas is) not a journalist in terms of someone who knows how to do reporting, someone who reflects balance in what he portrays. To the contrary, he engages in the kind of hyperbole and extreme statements that are represented by that crass and I think offensive statement that he made about those dead people. But you know what? I think that’s just what’s going on in journalism. I think that there’s more and more opinion, less and less people who know how to do the job. All you gotta do is shout, say something on the blog that offends and attacks the other side and suddenly you have the credentials and you’re said to be a journalist. I think it’s a great lie.” Unlike, say, those who shout something that offends and attacks liberals on a certain cable news channel?

Sammon wasn’t content to just smear DailyKos. He went on to falsely describe Newsweek as having “(given) us the Koran in the toilet story which was bogus and got 15 people killed in the riots.”

In fact, top U.S. military officials contended that other factors led to the Muslim riots that occurred after the Newsweek story Sammon referenced. But somehow, he didn’t think that worth mentioning.