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Bill Bennett on how to rally conservative voters behind one candidate

Reported by Chrish - November 9, 2007 -

FOX has a problem. Roger Ailes wants to help his long-time pal Rudy Giuliani attain the White House in 2008, but the conservative Christian right, on whom the Republican party has long relied to rally voters to the polls to vote against abortion rights, gay rights, and other so-called "values" issues, doesn't like the pro-choice, pro-gay rights, thrice-married New Yorker. So FOX is helping to create a new wedge issue to rally behind, and Bill Bennett discussed the 2008 Republican race with FOX and Friends this morning 11/09/07.

According to Bennett the Christian right is not a single unit and they are grown-ups who can get past the pro-choice position because they see the bigger picture of greater evil presented by terrorism. Besides, Giuliani has promised if he wins to appoint right-wing judges in the mold of Sam Alito to the Supreme Court, as opposed to fair and impartial ones. FOX has already taken steps to soften the abortion issue with its presentation of "Facing Reality: Choice" and has also taken steps to present the new wedge issue, Internet porn, with Bill O'Reilly's recently introduced "Policing the Net" segment. As FOXAttacks: Decency shows, they are manipulating the issue by, on the one hand, moralizing and bemoaning the indecency of it all while on the other hand boosting ratings by showing the very smut they claim to abhor.

Giuliani has been lauded on FOX as the big crimefighter (the Mafia even voted on "rubbing him out," he's so effective) and his single-handed clean-up of Times Square is frequently noted.

So FOX will continue to show soft-core porn to their viewers, who are not likely to see it first-hand but who "have to be informed" of what goes on in the "bad" US. Viewers are alarmed and want something done, Rudy has credentials, bam, vote for Rudy.

Such a rally for Internet censorship would also move towards PNAC's goal to

"Control the International Commons of space and cyberspace..."

(Two of Giuliani's Foreign Policy advisers, Stephen Rosen and Norman Podhoretz, are signators of the PNAC Statement of Principles, but the Project for a New American Century is verboten on FOX. FOX viewers are blissfully unaware of real issues.)

Here's the segment with Bennett, also a PNAC signator, basically calling "values voters" flip-floppers or hypocrites, and introducing the newest worst thing Americans should worry about: