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Hannity Devotes Full Hour To Duane “Dog” Chapman And Coincidentally Squeezes Out Colmes

Reported by Ellen - November 7, 2007 -

As I posted recently, there’s nothing that energizes Sean Hannity more than defending a white guy accused of racism. Hannity, the white supremacist sympathizer, is the same guy who thought (and probably still thinks) the important issue about the Jena 6 involved discrimination against whites. So it was no surprise that ever since the n-word laden tape of Duane “Dog” Chapman, a/k/a Dog the Bounty Hunter, hit the tabloids last week, Hannity has been in a frenzy of Dog defense. Yesterday, 11/6/07, Hannity flew to Los Angeles and even cut short his radio show, in order to devote the full hour of last night’s Hannity & Colmes to rehabilitating Dog’s image. The funny thing is, while I came away with a lot of sympathy and respect for Chapman, I was left with less for Hannity. With video.

Hannity did ask a few semi-tough questions of Chapman early in the interview, such as why did Chapman use the n-word if he knew it was wrong? Frankly, I believed Chapman’s explanation, that he shouldn’t have but that it was language he was accustomed to using in a familiar way, having been in prison and having spent a lot of time with African Americans, and that it was how he addressed African Americans to their faces. That part of the interview will probably eventually wind up on the Hannity & Colmes website, although it’s not there yet, at the time of this posting.

But once Hannity asked what he must have deemed the obligatory interrogatories, he lapsed into fawning mode. In the first video below, Hannity caught himself saying that he knew Chapman was innocent of the murder for which he went to jail. Similarly, in the second video, Hannity told Chapman “But you just said you’re not (a racist)” in a supportive, helpful tone. Hannity even offered Chapman career advice. “Have you told (A&E) how sorry you are?” Hannity suggested.

I’m no fan of Chapman but my heart really went out to him. He was obviously in a living hell. “If I could kill myself and people would forgive me, I would do that,” he said. As penance, he vowed to be buried among slaves in umarked graves near George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon. Chapman broke down several times in the interview, especially when a tape was played of his son. Undoubtedly, Chapman was there voluntarily but I never got over the feeling that I was prying into something tawdry that should have remained private.

Hannity, on the other hand, seemed perfectly comfortable being in the middle of such a tragic spectacle. One might even say he seemed pleased to be there. After all, it was a professional coup for him; this was Chapman’s first interview since his tape became public. And it was yet another opportunity for Hannity to squeeze Colmes out of the action, this time for a whole show. Lastly, but almost certainly not least, it gave Hannity the opportunity to ask (in the second video below), “Is the “n” word… is that the same as just any other curse?”