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Predictably, FOX News Discusses Duane “Dog” Chapman Racism By Vilifying African Americans

Reported by Ellen - November 2, 2007 -

It never seems to fail. Whenever the subject is white racism against blacks, somehow Sean Hannity and/or his conservative guest use the discussion as a platform to tarnish African Americans as equal or worse bigots. That’s exactly what happened on last night’s (11/1/07) Hannity & Colmes in a discussion about the racist rant of Duane "Dog" Chapman, star of the reality series, Dog The Bounty Hunter. Yet, in a later discussion about discrimination against whites at the University of Delaware, there was no comparable balance with a concern about discrimination against blacks. With video

Duane "Dog" Chapman was the top story for two segments on last night’s show. In the second segment (video below), guests Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a professor at Temple University, and radio talk show host Curtis Sliwa were asked to compare Chapman’s rant against Michael Richards’, Imus’, and, ludicrously, Alec Baldwin's. Comment: My suspicion is that Baldwin was only included as a dig against a liberal actor against whom Hannity harbors a grudge. Typically, whenever someone Hannity likes gets in trouble, he “defends” the person by attacking someone else.

Sliwa is a pal of Hannity’s at WABC AM radio and I’d bet money that Hannity knew that Sliwa would likely start attacking African Americans in the discussion. Interestingly, Hannity, the former pal of white supremacist Hal Turner, avoided the heavy lifting of finger-pointing at blacks, himself. But it’s not unusual for him to find guests who do it for him. Nevertheless, in Hannity’s portion of the discussion, Hannity and Sliwa focused on the sincere nature of Dog’s apology and Sliwa bragged about his generous spirit that allowed him to forgive his racist relatives for their bigoted attitudes toward his black (ex) wife.

Funny how that spirit of forgiveness was not extended to African Americans. Because no sooner had Alan Colmes begun his portion of the segment than Sliwa started denigrating African Americans with a lot more animosity than he had shown toward Dog. “With Chapman and Imus, their complexion was not their protection. If it were a black saying exactly the same thing, would we be having this conversation? The answer is no.”

Soon afterward, Sliwa started yelling and gesticulating wildly about the language of black rappers such as 50 Cent and Kanye West. “Did the label pull its backing? Did he lose money? (I wasn’t sure which artist Sliwa was referring to.) Did he lose his career? The answer is, you don’t ratchet it up against the brothers and sisters out there.” Sliwa’s voice rose even louder, his gestures became more emphatic. “It’s when it’s a white guy, you put the arm on him and it’s full court press and (unintelligible) …civil rights insurance gets paid out and then all of a sudden, it’s hush hush, mush mush by Sharpton and Jackson.”

Hill responded, “I just find it fascinating that whenever a white person gets caught using racist language, you all of a sudden have to talk about hip hop and rap music. (and Sharpton and Jackson, he could have added). This conversation somehow got to 50 Cent and Kanye West as opposed to (Dog).”


But in a later segment, there was no such concern about balance when the victims of the alleged racism were whites. Check out the second video below where Hannity and both guests were offended by a University of Delaware program which, Hannity claimed tried to indoctrinate students by painting all Caucasians as racists. With hammy indignation, Hannity said, “They’re saying, somewhat flagrantly here, that white males are racists!"

There was no balancing opinion, no spokesperson for the school, much less a concern about whether there was any racism against blacks on campus.