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Outrageous Quote of the Week 10/27/07

Reported by Chrish - October 29, 2007 -

David Horowitz got a veto-proof majority of 64% last week for claiming

"We're not going to leave Iraq, because if we leave Iraq, then Iran will move in. This war cannot be ended by the United States 'cause we didn't start it. We were attacked. War has been declared on us."

This week's full-moon lunacy is yours for the voting after the jump.

Option A: " ... I think the list needs to be vetted and we need to implement it more seriously even if it means that 700,000 people will have their civil liberties violated. That's fine with me." - Aaron Klein, speaking about the 750,000 names on the terror watch list, Red Eye, 10/25/07

Option B: "...not one US military, member of the military, was killed in Iraq for the first time since 2004 this past week, and almost no one's talking about it." and minutes later "In Iraq there were no casualties in the Al-Anbar Province last week, or in Iraq, US casualties..." Brian Kilmeade ignoring six American deaths in Iraq 10/19/07 - 10/26/07, FOX andFriends 10/26/07

Option C: "Parents and grandparents must be proactive. If your kid is being fed ideology, talk to the principal about it. If you get blown off, write directly to me. Then pick up "Kids Are Americans, Too" and other books that emphasize the good in America. This is vitally important for children. They must hear that point of view." Bill O'Reilly using his national Talking Points Memo to pimp his latest book on the O'Reilly Factor 10/25/07

Option D: "The hard truth is that MSNBC and CNN are not going to report stories that reflect well on the American military because those people over there despise the Bush administration and believe anything positive like American heroes in war zones, detract from their negative assessment of the administration. ...And you ignore, ignore a Medal of Honor winner? Awful." Programming Director of the World Bill O'Reilly totally misrepresenting competitors coverage, The O'Reilly Factor, 10/24/07

Option E: "However, I'm a little troubled by the coverage of other news organizations. I think there were some who really didn't want to cover Lt. Murphy's story and found the fires to be a convenient excuse to avoid it." John Gibson, who preferred Anna Nicole Smith to everything, The Big Story 10/25/07

Option F: “Clinton’s treatment of Socks cuts to the heart of the questions about her candidacy...In the annals of human evil, off-loading a pet is nowhere near the top of the list, but neither is it dead last, and it is especially galling when said pet has been deployed for years as an all-purpose character reference.” Caitlin Flanagan in Murdoch paper The Times' article, referenced by Steve Doocy to smear Hillary Clinton, FOX and Friends 10/22/07
(A stretch, I know, but so is the smear.)