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Bill O'Reilly Makes Rosie O'Donnell His Scapegoat After Ambush At Book Signing

Reported by Deborah - October 29, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly sent his producer, Jesse Waters, to ambush Rosie O'Donnell at a book signing in Huntington, New York to ask her a loaded and distorted question which he then tried to use against her on The Factor tonight. In fact, O'Reilly concluded that Rosie O'Donnell and " her ilk" are responsible for an increase in" left loon" incidents which he claims are dangerous and will eventually lead to violence. The fact that O'Donnell is no longer a visible media influence doesn't seem to matter to BOR. He thought it was just fine to disrupt her book signing and then verbally attack her during three segments of tonight's show. 10/29/07
With video

When Jesse Waters ambushed O'Donnell she was very pleasant making jokes about how Bill should have contacted her himself. Waters had his instructions from the boss and plunged in with a question about her believing that 9/11 was an inside job. She calmly noted that she never said that mentioning that she knew the encounter would be on the " no spin zone".

Although the only thing this ambush illustrated was Bill O'Reilly's obsessive craziness, BOR did not hesitate to use it as if he had done some great investigative reporting. It's interesting to note that recently he told Laurie Dhue that he only uses " ambush journalism" on officials.

When Kirsten Powers and Margaret Hoover appeared, he claimed the incidents seen with Condi Rice and Bill Maher are " spreading because of Rosie O'Donnell". When Powers strongly disagreed with the claim, he got all huffy. " See my point. This is dangerous" Claiming that six months ago these things weren't happening, he again blamed it on " O'Donnell and her ilk"

Hoover stepped in to help Bill saying the Democrats need to clarify who they consider fringe and then distance themselves. This gave BOR the opportunity to call everyone at the Yearly Kos conference " Nazis on the left".

Returning to his theme that violence was inevitable he brought up John Lennon."John Lennon is in the ground", he pronounced. So now his viewers were able to connect O'Donnell, progressive bloggers, and Democratic candidates with crazed assassins.

The King then bellowed, " This is gonna stop!!" He then issued a warning to Mark Cuban. "You push that movie. I'm your worst nightmare."

Powers brought up the Westboro Baptist Church as an example of the fringe on the right, but O'Reilly made them Democrats too saying the leader of the church was a registered Democrat.

When Tonya Reiman came on to analyze the O'Donnell ambush clip, O'Reilly had a chance to smear Rosie O'Donnell all over again. This time he claimed that she had talked about the 9/11 conspiracy theory for months on the view which is a profound exaggeration. Of course, he got his message out to his viewers which is always more important than the truth to O'Reilly. He was viciously out of control tonight and determined to wound his prey.