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Kimeade: not one US military person killed in Iraq this week, but no one's talking about it

Reported by Chrish - October 26, 2007 -

On FOX and Friends this morning 10/26/07 host Brian Kilmeade, teasing a later segment with FOX's favorite Iran-Contra figure Oliver North, announced that "not one US military, member of the military, was killed in Iraq for the first time since 2004 this past week, and almost no one's talking about it." Probably because it ain't so.

The website Iraq Coalition Casualty Count has been tracking US and coalition deaths since the beginning of the war. Their figures are confirmed by the Defense Department and the over 1,000 deaths of American contractors in Iraq are reported separately. According to their figures, four Americans have been confirmed killed by the DoD in Iraq since October 19 (one week ago) and two killed soldiers' names have not yet been released, for a total of six, so I don't know what the hell he's talking about.

Even supposing that what he said had been true, it is unreasonable to expect the media to report on the absence of deaths when they don't as a rule report on the mounting deaths. One has to search that information out on the web. When's the last time you heard a newscaster give a to-date casualty figure? Certainly not on FOX, and glaringly absent (like the flag-draped coffins that represent them) on the rest of the mainstream media.

In the actual segment with North, Kilmeade repeated the wishful falsehood, that "In Iraq there were no casualties in the Al-Anbar Province last week, or in Iraq, US casualties..." and he cited other statisitics (which, given the outright provable falsity of his first statement are to be taken with a pound of salt) that shore up the administration's and North's contentions that the situation in Iraq is really improving. The banner reinforced the upbeat assessment: "Iraq Casualties Down - 2nd consecutive decline."

After reciting the positive stats, he said "It sounds like I'm making this up!" Well, yes it does.
North supplemented the favorable appraisal with his personal observations, concluding "this is a war that's being won, it's a war we dare not lose" and lamented that the good news is never covered.

It'll be unavoidable soon, said Kilmeade, because it's going to be an election issue.

The rest of the segment was a lengthy plug for North's FOX program. War Stories.