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Fox News Live – Fox News Lite

Reported by Chrish - October 21, 2007 -

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

In what, in my opinion, has to be the most excruciating three hour block of “news,” on any network, Fox now has Saturday Fox News Live. Yesterday (October 20th) it ran from 4PM to 7PM EDT and in the process, pre-empted both the Beltway Boys and Fox News Watch which, according to the FOX News website, have been moved to the 2-3PM block on Saturday and the 2-3AM block on Sunday. (Comment: So the Beltway Boys are no longer prime time?!) As I noted last week, Fox News Live consists of four “new anchors” (and I use the term loosely) reading brief snippets of news (repeated during the three hours) followed by brief banter.

Unlike The Big Story, there are no real substantive discussions (and I use the term loosely) about issues except for the legal panel which is arguably the most substantive part of the show. Once again, the “anchors” seated on the comfy couch were Greg Jarrett, Julie Banderas, Courtney Friel, and Griff Jenkins. Jenkins also does interviews outside the FOX NY studio while Friel's specialty is reading some news and looking pretty and very leggy. (Comment: what’s that line from the Henley song about “bubble-headed bleached blonde…?)

Yesterday’s show began with a report on the anti-globalization demonstrators in Washington who were, according to DC correspondent Julie Kurtz, relatively quiet. Cub reporter Griff Jenkins then told his pals about how the demonstrators turned into a FOX hating crowd yesterday when they broke and stole his camera. Friel said that she would be “sooo mad if I lost my camera.” Subsequent news stories included a baby who survived a tornado (Friel has been in two tornadoes), the Georgia water shortage, the rape allegation against illusionist David Copperfield, a Dairy Queen robbery, and FOX’s “Campaign Carl” reporting about the straw poll results at the Values Voters Convention. (Comment: No discussion by the group of the ramifications of the results). They then went on to a report on cameras and other surveillance equipment, placed in NY Bars, as a way to monitor possible criminal activity.

For me, the most painful segment was Andy Levy’s (FOX’s "Red Eye") “take” on news that had been discussed by the group. Andy said that police had confiscated, from Copperfield’s warehouse, rabbits and halves of sawed off women, eight of which were being delivered to Greg Jarrett’s house. Awkward laughter. Andy, in commenting about the Harry Potter gay character said that “there has been too much emphasis on Harry’s wand.” Awkward silence, broken by Jarrett saying that Harry “waves his wand a little bit differently” to which Banderas said she wasn’t “going there.” To her comment that she watched Red Eye, Andy added “when she comes home from the clubs.” Banderas said she didn’t “club.” (Comment: Not quite the Daily Show material, here!)

The one segment that provided an opportunity for Fox editorializing was the legal discussion about how a federal panel has recommended that a Virginia Saudi funded private school be shut down because of the allegation that they are teaching religious hatred against non-Muslims. Mercedes Colwin felt that until investigatory due process is done, shutting down the school would be unconstitutional and problematic from a Title 9 perspective. Jarrett’s question: “Saudis teach Wahabiism. Do we have any reason to believe that they’re not doing it in our schools?”

To Banderas' comment that the school’s headmaster said nothing in the curriculum is against any religion, Jarrett’s response: “that’s what he says.” To Colwin's comment that the textbooks should be examined, Jarrett’s comment: “maybe the teachers are teaching it without the textbooks – to inspire – to hate – to kill.” And he added “what are they going to tell you, the truth?” Colwin mentioned that there should be cameras placed in the school’s classroom to which Banderas said “I think there should be cameras in all schools. Nowadays, who knows what the heck is going on in there. Really, honestly, a lot of these educators who are hard core liberals are teaching our kids things you wouldn’t want them to be taught. I mean we’ve seen evidence of that.”

Comment: What can I tell you other than (as “Cathy” would say) “arrrrrrghhh!”

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

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