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Fox Guest Agrees Media To Blame On Negative Stories Coming Out Of Iraq

Reported by Donna - October 17, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends they had Col. David Hunt (Ret) on to talk about General Sanchez blaming the media and the this administrationt for the stories coming out of Iraq - saying there were too many negative stories. Hunt toed the line and blamed the media but said nothing about this administration.

Did he prove his point, Gretchen Carlson wanted to know because he came out blasting the media and she said basically no one is covering it except for Fox. Hunt said Sanchez was the wrong person but basically he was right. Hunt said Sanchez should be in jail for what happened at Abu Ghraib because he was a 3 star General in charge.

Doocy said Sanchez put it out there that the war in Iraq was a nightmare and then blamed the media for covering these stories. Hunt said that at the time he was in command it was utter chaos and Sanchez had to take responsibility for that, he was the boss. Hunt said that the Time covered Abu Ghraib 57 times which was outrageous. (Comment: But he didn't comment on how the Times helped this administration in it's lead up to war in Iraq)

Kilmeade asked if it was bitterness speaking from Sanchez because he never got the 4th star. Hunt said it is partial bitterness. Hunt said that it would be reported when there was chaos on one street but a lot of good things were going on. (Comments: What are these good things?)

Comments: I'm not sure what Fox was trying to say with this segment - that Sanchez was blasting the media but the media was not covering it (except for Fox). And as far as Sanchez blaming this administration, that was not discussed.

It was also an unfair and unbalanced segment since Col. David Hunt speaks out for Fox and this administration and there was no one to balance the story.