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Studio B Says 3 Kidnapped Soldiers Affected By The FISA Law

Reported by Donna - October 15, 2007 -

The fate of three kidnapped soldiers in Iraq were affected by the FISA law, according to Shepard Smith on Studio B. He went to Molly Henneberg for the report.

Henneberg said that 3 days after the soldiers were kidnapped the U.S. got a lead and wanted to pursue it through wire taps, but since the wire taps were routed through the U.S. it took 9 hours and 38 minutes for them to get the proper channels to follow through.

Smith asked Henneberg what was happening on Capitol Hill in regards to these wiretaps this week. Henneberg said that the House of Representatives is expected to vote on the Democrats version of this bill, which would require more warrants to eavesdrop. Democrats say it will protect innocent Americans from Government survelliance while Republicans say it will handcuff intelligence agencies. Henneberg said that it was temporarily extended in August through February but they are trying to do something to extend it and they are debating it tthis week.

Smith asked what happened to the three soldiers who were kidnapped. Henneberg said one was found dead and the other two were never found.

Comments: A more scipted segment you won't see on Fox. Smith asks all the right questions to make it seem like the wire tap law was to blame for us not finding the other two soldiers. The truth of the matter is a wire tap can be gotten right away and the government has 3 days to prove why they need it.

Another unfair and unbalanced report from Fox.