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Outrageous Quote of the Week 10/13/07

Reported by Chrish - October 15, 2007 -

This is getting ridiculous. Bill O'Reilly, in a landslide with 51% of the vote over his 6 competitors, is once again number one in his niche market, for this howler: "For the first time ever a political party may have a network news organization in its pocket!" This week's choices deliberately exclude the King of Outrage just to give the other schmoes a chance, after the jump.

Option A: "First of all, he couldn't take the pay cut at this point. He's on top of the world. The only thing he would run for is king, grand eminence, something like that. No. You saw, you saw - he won the Nobel Prize with that pseudo-science Inconvenient Truth, which was an absolutely horrible travesty of the Nobel Prize, although I guess it fits in with Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat winning. No. He definitely won't run. If he did - I'll tell you what - and he won, oh my gosh, the market would crash!" - Gary B. Smith, Exemplar Capital, on a possible Al Gore run for the White House, Bulls & Bears, 10/13/07

Option B: "The broadcast networks put their opinion in the news and try to pretend that it's not opinion. And some of the cable networks, such as MSNBC, have their opinion people actually anchor the news. We don't do that. We have the separation of church and state." Roger Ailes, Boston.com, the Boston Globe online, 10/13/07

Option C: "And I just say 'What would Little Annie do?' (holds up Ann Coulter Barbie doll) And I think Little Annie would have a sense of humor about things and I think Little Annie would probably say that - um - you know, if you get too politically correct, then you start being cut out of the fun stuff." - Tobin Smith, Founder, ChangeWave Investing, during a discussion of sexual harassment in the workplace, Bulls & Bears, 10/06/07

Option D: "Al Gore has cancelled speeches and is sending his tux out to be pressed. Nobody's saying it for the record, but it appears he's about to get on his gas-guzzling private jet and fly to Sweden to be ready to accept his Nobel Peace Prize. He would be getting the prize for his global warming work, notably his movie "An Inconvenient Truth," which, by the way, a British judge has ruled has at least 11 provable falsities embedded in it." John Gibson, My Word, 10/11/07

"Big winner is the big guy — big Al Gore. On Friday he got the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming. Tactfully, nobody mentioned the British judge who ruled Gore made at least nine errors in 'An Inconvenient Truth.' " John Gibson, My Word, 10/12/07

Option E: "You know, back in my day - you know, I worked for corporate America at IBM - you know, no one ever thought - maybe there was such harassment - but ya' never thought about it, one, because the women were like Ann [Coulter]. They were smart. They could stand on their own. They were, you know, as tough as any person there - any guy there - and another thing is, if it was an enlightened company, which I think most of corporate America is - you simply took a problem to your management and they took care of it." - Gary B. Smith, Exemplar Capital, Bulls & Bears, October 6, 2007

Option F: "(Sandy) Berger has a history of self-serving , anti-American actions. Remember, he was accused of Chinese espionage in the late '90s. So why is Hillary seeking advice from him? That's like getting economic advice from Joseph Stalin." Republican strategist Christine O'Donnell, FOX and Friends, 10/09/07