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Fox Says Al Qaeda May Be Finished In Iraq

Reported by Donna - October 15, 2007 -

Shepard Smith on Studio B said that Al Qaeda may be finished in Iraq according to some retired generals.

Smith had guest, Major General Scales (Ret) on to speak about it. Al Qaeda in Iraq. Scales said that some generals think that a cumulative affect was happening with Al Qaeda in Iraq. He said the effectiveness might be being diminished, but that Al Qaeda was like a hydra monster, cutting off one head but with several others popping up.

Comments: First of all, Fox went back to it's 'some people say' trick that they been proven to use a lot. There are a lot of generals who believe the opposite of what Smith was saying, but he didn't let this enter into the unfair and unbalanced report. Anyone can say that 'some say' say something about anything. Fox uses it as there main point in making a story appear to be true.