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Cavuto Highlights the "Babes" on FBN & He Begs People to Demand Access to it

Reported by Melanie - October 15, 2007 -

Fox News's "business" anchor, Neil Cavuto, regularly ends his show with mail and his Common Sense "editorial." (I put the word editorial in quotes because the notion that Cavuto's editorializing is confined to that one segment is laughable.) Today (October 15, 2007), the day News Corp. debut its "Fox Business Network" (FBN), Cavuto read three emails about it, all of which had to do with the physical appearance of FBN personalities, and he begged viewers to call their cable providers to demand access if they didn't already have it. Sounds about like what we've come to expect of Fox "business news," now doesn't it?

When it came time for the mail, Cavuto read several that had to do with "illegals," and then he got to the mail about FBN. He introduced them with, "And the Fox Business Network is now up and running. Count Alaina in New York delighted:

Beyond cool. You in high definition? I worry...'not' beyond cool. Good luck, Neil!

Joe in Ohio wrote:

Neil, almost fell over when Tracy Byrnes said that she was single!

And Tonya wrote:

You really weren't kidding, Cavuto. You really are Benny Hill in a sea of financial babes! You lucky dog! P.S. Where's the little old guy?

With that, Cavuto launched into "Common Sense" titled, "I Want My FBN." At the beginning the chyron read, "Analysis," and Cavuto talked about how people "discovered today" that at FBN, "we value English, we value clarity...we value you!" That means we're "not talking down to you, or dismissing you, or throwing big words or pointless market jargon at you." Then the chyron changed to: "Call Your Local Cable Operator and Demand Fox Business," and he went on about that, saying people should contact their cable provider and make the cable companies think that "angry, insane people are calling" demanding FBN.

Here's the video: