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Bill O'Reilly Weaves Ann Coulter Into His Anti-Christian Conspiracy Web

Reported by Deborah - October 15, 2007 -

O'Reilly created the perfect backdrop tonight, 10/15, for Ann Coulter to come on The Factor to explain her recent comments about how America would be better off if everyone were Christian. Coulter's appearance was preceeded by an outrageous over reaction from BOR and Ralph Reed over the two gay people recieving communion in a San Francisco Church. By the time Coulter came on , O'Reilly had so thoroughly hyped the idea of a growing anti-Christian sentiment permeating the country, it was easy to make her just another victim of SP media attacking Christianity.

Coulter has been getting the negative attention she loves for some comments she made on Donny Deutsch's show on CNBC. Since Coulter has a new book out and needs to get her buying public worked up, her vile comments are not surprising although still disgusting.

Tonight, however, Bill O'Reilly didn't even bother to repeat what Coulter had said claiming he read the transcript but didn't understand it. He also refused to mention Donny Deutsch or his show calling him a " just a twerp" adding that " six people watch his show."

Instead he opened the segment still raving about San Francisco and how the story has been "blacked out" . (The possibility that there is no story was not explored.) Then Coulter had a chance to do some acid one liners about the left and their " Christian Panic Syndrome" BOR added support with, " No matter what you say they will load it up against you"

That was pretty much the whole response Coulter and O'Reilly provided for viewers. Coulter's comments were not repeated and O'Reilly acted as if they were of no consequence.He was intent on hammering the idea that anyone finding Coulter's comments unacceptable was anti-Christian.

At the end of the segment he asked her if she hated Democrats? She said she held them in contempt but added, "I try to convert them." O'Reilly chuckled and responded, " Just like Jews."