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Fox: Is Al Gore Too Fat to Run for President?

Reported by Melanie - October 12, 2007 -

Ah yes, despite the complexities of the world we live in today (October 12, 2007), on Fox, all we need to think about when deciding who to vote for for president is what their poll numbers are, how much money they've raised, and how they look. Yes, Fox's "business news" anchor, Neil Cavuto, the guy who will be in charge of content for the new Fox Business Network, set to debut on Monday, hosted a segment questioning whether Al Gore is too fat to make a presidential run.

With video.

Cavuto's guest was a new fave, Meme Roth of National Action Against Obesity. Cavuto invites her on when he wants to make a point about the "food police," and/or about how "big government" is controlling our lives.

Cavuto, who is himself very overweight, opened with:

Everyone is now buzzing about whether Nobel Peace Prize winning Al Gore will try to take that and win the White House. Some pundits say that he'd have to trim down like other candidates did before making another run.

As you can see from this then-and-now shot, well, Al is anything but svelte these days. But, I kinda like the now Al myself. Anyway, I think a hefty presidential candidate would be a good example for the regular guys out there, but my next guest says no way. Lean and mean is the way.

Turning to Roth, Cavuto continued:

I think he's running and he's got us all thinking he's not because he's big...I think he's fattening up because he wants to run.

The discussion proceeded with Roth telling Cavuto that, "We're looking for people who are leaner..." "It's an arduous task" to be president and, "as a species," we want to be lead by people who have, "vitality." Admitting that she voted for Gore in 2000, Roth said he's "incredibly intelligent" but "with his global warming concerns, he should be eating less meat..." How she knows how much meat Gore's eating is beyond me but she said he should weigh close "to about 190" pounds.

Meanwhile, Cavuto pointed out that Winston Churchill was fat; that President Taft was fat; that Mike Huckabee seemed happier when he was fat, and that Bill Richardson looks like he's hankerin' for a Twinkie.

Comment: If Fox was called on this they'd probably say it was a joke but, you know, it wasn't. Fox covers all its bases and it bashes Democrats about anything and everything. Nothing is sacred and nothing is below the belt, unless a Democrat says or does it, of course. Not only that, they don't even see fit to let Al Gore bask in the glow of this award for 24 hours before carving him up. They are hateful, vicious people. And oh by the way, Cavuto aired "then and now" pictures of Gore (video below). Here are then and now pictures of him. Two can play this little game.