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John Gibson Takes Aim At Al Gore On Eve Of Nobel Prize Announcement

Reported by Deborah - October 11, 2007 -

John Gibson wanted to make his shot at Al Gore a good one just in case Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize tomorrow so he grossly misrepresented a ruling in a UK court today concerning An Inconvenient Truth. Gibson probably figured his twisted conspiracy theory routine, Gore=Google=Moveon, wasn't damaging enough for a potential Peace Price recipient so he opted for a juicy distortion instead.

It seems Gibson has an inside track on Al Gore's schedule since he made this claim on Big Story today.

"First, Al Gore has cancelled speeches and is sending his tux out to be pressed. Nobody's saying it for the record, but it appears he's about to get on his gas-guzzling private jet and fly to Sweden to be ready to accept his Nobel Peace Prize."

Here's the statement issued by Gore spokesperson, Kalee Kreider. No mention of tuxedos, private jets or cancelled meetings.

"As for the Nobel Peace Prize, [there] are 180-plus wonderful nominees and we expect tomorrow to be another day of working on the climate crisis,"

So just in case Gore's climate crisis work get's the world's most prestiguous recognition tommorrow, Gibson trried to cast it in a shadow of disgrace.

"He would be getting the prize for his global warming work, notably his movie "An Inconvenient Truth," which, by the way, a British judge has ruled has at least 11 provable falsities embedded in it. School kiddies in Britain now hear a disclaimer before they see this Nobel Prize-winning movie."

A shocking development one might conclude so here's the truth from CBC News.

John Gibson claimed that the Judge ruled that the film must be shown with a disclaimer because of inaccuracies. In fact, the Judge ruled that the guidance notes must be ammended to acknowledge that the film " promotes a political point of view"

It seems the man who brought the suit against an Inconvenient Truth has his own political motives.

"Dimmock, a truck driver, is a member of the New Party, a fringe political party that believes in economic liberalism and says that climate change has not been proven to be a man-made phenomenon."

The Education Minister made the following statement about An Inconvenient Truth after the ruling.

"However, it is important to be clear that the central arguments put forward in An Inconvenient Truth — that climate change is mainly caused by man-made emissions of greenhouse gases and will have serious adverse consequences — are supported by the vast weight of scientific opinion," he said.

Here's the transcript of Gibson's commentary and a look back at Gibson's reaction to Gore's Oscar win last March.

note: 10/12/07 Al Gore has received the Noble Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway.