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Pre-emptive strikes against Chris Matthews

Reported by Chrish - October 9, 2007 -

The instances were too numerous to document on FOX and Friends this morning 10/09/07, but the Friends were in high form labeling MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews as a left-wing partisan before tonight's Republican debate, as FOX has been doing for several days. and Rest assured that any question that puts a candidate on the spot will be deemed evidence of his imaginary bias, or as Gretchen Carlson put it,


Carlson was complaining about comments from MSNBC head Dan Abrams, who said "Chris Matthews expresses his opinions on his show, which are far less predictable than any host covering politics on FOX News."

Uh-huh, and?

She continued "Again, we receive our talking points from our own heads, and also, (jabbing finger) Chris Matthews did not say those blasphemous comments on his show; he said them at a public event, where maybe he felt that nobody else was listening."

(Actually, it was a private party. If it was a public event wouldn't he assume that "somebody else" was listening?)

The "debate" has from the start shifted from the purported criminality of the Bush administration, the content of the remarks, to the speaker, the messenger. Matthews is being attacked as is FOX's way for "blaspheming" Bush and company, and they will continue to try to ruin his reputation. One way they are doing this is by comparing him to Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity - I'm not kidding - suggesting that O'Reilly or Hannity would be equally qualified to conduct a presidential debate.

The coverage of the debate tomorrow on FOX will likely focus more on Matthews and less on the candidates, who all sound the same anyway trying to out-Reagan each other.