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One-sided commentary by Republican Frank Luntz critiquing Democrat; Friends mock Clinton laugh

Reported by Chrish - October 9, 2007 -

This morning 10/09/07 FOX and Friends showed the clip from the exchange between Hillary Clinton and an Iowa voter this weekend. Just yesterday they rumored her to be "screaming" at the guy but the video proves American Spectator and Free Republic to be full of it. A one-sided discussion with Republican pollster Frank Luntz followed.

Their one-two punch yesterday against Clinton failed on both hands.
With video.

Luntz said it was not a big deal and was only "news" because it was her. A much bigger problem, he said, was "the so-called cackle," which was aired repeatedly throughout the segment and compared, no surprise, to Howard "Dean's scream" and said she had "Dan Quayled" herself, becoming the subject of ridicule. Luntz basically accused her of phoniness and said it was contrived to stall for time and disarm her questioner. He and the Friends rehashed the trifle, ad nauseum.

Turning to the Berger "story," Luntz said "she now has an official shredder" and the Friends let out hearty laughter - phony? Contrived? Overdone? You decide. Edwards and Obama should welcome this, said Kilmeade, but Luntz said they should keep quiet because Berger is a good choice intellectually. Clinton's mistake was letting it "get out."

Doocy asked about Edwards ("the guy with the $400 haircut - drip, drip, drip) who yesterday said don't count him out; remember Howard Dean. This provided an opening for the effects guys to play a scream, followed by "the cackle," and Luntz asserted that Edwards' problem is he has yet to establish credibility: haircuts, taking $800,000 for a book, and working for a venture-capitalist firm makes it seem he's out of touch. (Drip, drip, drip.) Kilmeade added that it's his wife who's doing "all the attacking."

But how about Fred Thompson? It's going to be fascinating. It's going to be like Ronald Reagan versus, uh.....it's almost like Ronald Reagan versus Romney. Romney has the best soundbites and is clear, concise, he gets to the point and he does it so effectively. (Gush, gush, gush.)
Thompson has a much more laid-back approach, much more Reaganesque; the contrast will be great.

They played a "cackle for the road" and ended the grossly unfair, unbalanced, partisan segment.