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Democrat Roginsky exposes Republican O'Donnell's hypocrisy

Reported by Chrish - October 9, 2007 -

Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky countered Republican Christine O'Donnell's weak talking points vis a vis Sandy Berger informally advising Hillary Clinton's campaign, on FOX and Friends this morning 10/09/07. She did not respond to O'Donnell's falsehood that Berger "was accused of Chinese espionage in the late 1990s," but she did dispel the scandal of his advising by pointing out that the Bush administration employed several well-known convicted felons.

The Friends teased the segment for several hours, with short commentaries that contained the following, outright falsehoods, smears and and snark:

(Brian Kilmeade) "What's the big deal - he had National Archives' original documents stuffed in his socks, put 'em near a dumpster and later accidentally grinded (sic) them up by mistake - why is everone making such a big deal about Sandy Berger...?"

(Gretchen Carlson) "...He's barred from seeing any of that (sensitive information) until the end of 2008, so the question arises, how could he really be advising her, at least about pertinent current event issues right now?" Which begs the question, do ALL the candidates' advisors have national security clearances except Berger?

(Kilmeade) "So, it became unpaid became informal, unpaid, volunteer, and now it was a constant question on the trail."

(Steve Doocy, Question of the Day) "Sandy: Dandy or dumb?"

(Carlson) "He stole and destroyed Top Secret documents. Will Sandy Berger bring down Hillary's White House campaign?"

(Doocy) "He stole National secrets and now he's giving advice to Hillary Clinton. Will Sandy Berger hurt the Clinton campaign?"

(If you all have any say in it, YES. But in reality, NO.)

Finally, the promised debate:
Roginsky brought up Elliot Abrams and John Poindexter, both convicted in the Iran-Contra scandal that also netted FOX News military analyst and host Oliver North. Berger, who pled guilty to taking copies of classified documents from the National Archives and destroying some of them, has paid a fine, lost his security clearance, and given up his law license, "consequences" not harsh enough for O'Donnell, who likened him to Joseph Stalin. The war on terror was invoked as she struggled gamely to recover from Roginsky's facts but it was clear she lost the debate so host Brian Kilmeade ended the segment, interrupting her to lead viewers into the next segment: people who park illegally in handicapped parking spots. Quick, divert that outrage!