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The High Road, Sean Hannity Style

Reported by Ellen - October 8, 2007 -

Sean Hannity pretended to take the high road on Friday night’s (10/5/07) Hannity & Colmes. Naturally, his way of doing so was to complain about name-calling from Democrats, smear them with distortions, accuse them of emboldening the enemy and undermining the morale of our troops, then sit back without comment as his guest did the name-calling. With video.

The discussion was centered on a recent FOX News poll showing that 19% of Democrats think the world would be better off if the United States lost the war. So gleeful were the FOX News patriots that some might say they asked the question just for the sake of smearing their fellow Americans with the answer.

“High Road Hannity” started off by triumphantly exclaiming to Democratic pollster Doug Schoen, “Doug, 20% of your party wants us to lose the war, lose the war!”

Schoen had a great answer. “We don’t know what victory is. First, it was deposing Saddam. Then it was political reconciliation. Now it’s rooting out terror. A lot of Democrats are fed up with this war and what that figure says to me is they’ve had enough. They don’t know what our goals are. The figure says that Americans are fed up with war and they just want out.”

Hannity, the war-supporter, never wants to discuss it. So he quickly changed the subject. “I know that Harry Reid has said the war is lost, you know, called Rush Limbaugh unpatriotic this week.” Then, flaunting his high-road bona fides, he continued, “I have avoided those terms about Democrats.”

Yes, those terms, per se. But in the next sentence, he added, “While we have seen Democrats say the war is lost, compared our troops to Nazis, called our troops murderers and terrorists.” Click here for links showing how Hannity distorted the words of Democrats then attacked them for what they never really said.

Hannity also said, “Their rhetoric has emboldened our enemies” and “The rhetoric of your leadership has hurt morale of our troops.” He didn’t offer any proof for such a statement. It’s not as though Hannity put in any military service, himself, to give him any authority in that regard. And, as a matter of fact, former Centcom commander General Tommy Franks, explicitly told Hannity otherwise.

High-Road Hannity further said, “What this now symbolizes to me is that the Democratic Party is now the Party that is bought and paid for and owned by the Daily Kooks and MoveOn.org.”

The other guest, Kellyanne Conway, agreed. “The minute that MoveOn.org rings that Pavlov dog bell, they’re all on their hind legs, Hillary Clinton panting away.” That sounds like name-calling to me but Hannity offered no objection.

Alan Colmes was excellent. He noted that 5% of Republicans agreed with the 19% of Democrats. He jokingly asked, “Why do they hate America?” He also pointed out that General David Petraeus, Colin Powell and Newt Gingrich have all commented that we are not winning the war. “Are these all conservatives who are emboldening the enemy, Kellyanne?”

When she disagreed, Colmes sarcastically responded, “No, of course not. They’re conservatives.”

Predictably, the pin-less Conway brought up Barack Obama. "I love the flag," she claimed.

Colmes asked her, “Where’s your pin? I don’t see it, Kellyanne. Where’s your pin? I want a pin next time!”