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O'Reilly Factor right-wing love-fest

Reported by Chrish - October 2, 2007 -

Last night on the O'Reilly Factor, after the now oh-so-predictable Talking Points Memo, both the Top Story and the Follow-up Segment were nothing more than the lone right-wing guest agreeing with and backing up O'Reilly's indignation, name-calling, and misinformation.
With video.

The Top Story (video below) included a highly edited, defensive misrepresentation of the Rush Limbaugh situation, with O'Reilly parroting Limbaugh's false claim that he was talking about Jesse Macbeth (who was indeed posing as a soldier, and who is now serving jail time). If you listen to the original audio or read the original transcript, not the edited version Limbaugh is using for his defense, it is clear that he and the caller are talking about the previous caller, ("CALLER 2: I have a retort to Mike in Chicago, ...") a self-identified Republican, former military man, who is calling for an end to the war. Limbaugh attacked him (Caller 1) and insisted he could not be what he claimed to be because of the views he was espousing.

So anyway, O'Reilly misrepresents the facts, vilifies the outlets who reported the original story, ("the usual suspects," a.k.a. the mainstream media ), and for good measure knocks a few Democrats (John Edwards and Harry Reid) who called on others to denounce the "phony soldiers" comment.

Brian Maloney, a right-wing apologist blogger from Boston, was the sole guest. O'Reilly, admitting he hasn't heard the Limbaugh tapes (plausible deniability, anyone?) and was operating off transcripts, said there was a lot of crosstalk (more plausible deniability?). Maloney accused that the so-called smear merchants, failing to bring down Papa Bear, switched gears and were now gunning for Rush in their campaign to destroy talk radio and anyone who disagrees with them.

According to Maloney, it's a George Soros funded campaign and Rush was talking about an ongoing effort to expose real phony soldiers - O'Reilly confirmed that Maloney is 100% certain that's what Limbaugh was talking about, not soldiers who voice dissent about the Iraq war.

This is reminiscent of the time he had San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders on to bash SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson, admitting he had done no independent research. Who needs facts when you've got strong opinions???

Claiming he wanted to be factual, O'Reilly said that Soros funds the Democracy Alliance which in turn doles it out to "far-left hitmen like Media Matters." I do believe BOR just covered his butt by saying "like" Media Matters, because it has already been well documented, his silly-ass chart aside, that Media Matters does NOT get funding from George Soros, directly or indirectly.

The big issue is not him or Limbaugh: it is "farleft media assassins, on the internet, who know they can get their propaganda, their hateful defamation, into not only the media but on the Senate floor." Yeah, those rabble-rousers got the full Congress to waste valuable time voting to condemn the wording in a freaking ADvertisement. Oh wait - that was the farright who pushed that - FOX News and Freedom's Watch and talk radio steamrolled that (and bankrolled it too, indirectly - all that air-time is not free).

Maloney agreed and slobbered over Rush and Bill for an embarrassingly long spell, until O'Reilly, ending the segment, said that he's going to try and get Limbaugh on tonight (10/2) and they're going to have to go on the counter-attack because this isn't freedom of speech, this is rank defamation.

Oh, I forgot to mention that he called Media Matters "despicable," "farlleft" "guttersnipes" spreading "smears," besides the afore-noted "farleft media assassins."

I'm not going to detail the second segment with Laura Ingraham, but suffice to say she and O'Reilly attacked the media coverage of Clarence Thomas, fair and balanced style. Asked at the end of the debate pile-on if she was still in touch with Justice Thomas, Ingraham replied that "he is one of (her) closest friends." Fair and balanced, check. Objective, check. Propaganda, checkmate.

Really, it looks like after ten years of being cowed by FOX and what Ingraham called "the new media", i.e. talk radio, the mainstream media is starting to stand up for what's right. Or rather, stand up TO the right.