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Cavuto Obsesses About Your Wasted Tax Dollars, But Doesn't Mention $190B More For War

Reported by Melanie - September 26, 2007 -

On a day (September 26, 2007) when George Bush asked for "nearly $190 billion [more] for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," increasing, "initial projections by more than a third," Fox's "money nerd" (his term) spent a lot of time talking about how "your tax dollars" are being wasted, but gosh golly, can you believe it? Billions more to fund Bush's war based on lies didn't make it into the conversation.

Yep. The second segment on today's show featured a Republican county commissioner from San Diego complaining about a $101 million dollar bill his county sent the Fed requesting reimbursement for arresting and incarcerating those oh so costly "illegals." His county spends $49 million a year incarcerating those "illegals," yet the Fed only reimburses the county $2 million. Damn, those Mexicans are costing us a lot!

Next came a segment about GM and the UAW reaching a tentative agreement to end their strike. That discussion centered around the healthcare portion of the agreement. The elephant in the room, as always, was the huge amount of "your tax dollars" we'd spend if, heaven forbid, we implement some sort of universal healthcare coverage in this country.

And next, Cavuto hosted Pat Toomey, a Republican former congressman from Pennsylvania who talked about how outrageous it is that the Senate will vote tomorrow, and probably pass, an, "addl. $35B for healthcare bill for kids," as per the chyron. Cavuto expressed his near disbelief that 45 House Republicans voted for it!

Comment: Per the article linked to above, "Congress has appropriated about $450 billion for the war in Iraq, and $127 billion for Afghanistan." If congress gives Bush the $190 billion Gates requested today, that would put the tab -- to date -- for both wars -- most of it for Iraq -- at $767 billion. Yet Cavuto kept that from his audience -- wouldn't want to burst the bubble of Bush's 29% base -- and instead, he pounded the table about $35 billion for healthcare for kids, $100 million for "illegals," and he insinuated it would break the country if we insured the uninsured. It was sickening.