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FOX and Friends' guest: "You can't argue both sides of the story"

Reported by Chrish - September 20, 2007 -

Actually, on FOX and Friends this morning 9/20/07, you can't even present both sides of the story. Guests Peter Johnson Jr., a FOX News Legal Analyst, and Liz Trotta, former Rather colleague, were on to discuss Dan Rather's $70 million lawsuit against former employer CBS. If you thought it would be fair and balanced, with Trotta defending Rather's character, work ethic, principles, etc., you'd be wrong - she attacked him just as enthusuastically as the FOX minions.

She started the segment by saying, regarding Rather's lawsuit, that he doesn't get it, he's a bitter old man, in many ways he's like OJ, he can't stand being out of the spotlight and he can't shut up - and it went downhill from there.

Johnson's interpretation of Rather's (32 page) lawsuit is that it is an admission that he lied earlier, in his public apology for bad judgment, so he wonders what else Rather has lied about in the past. Trotta interrupted to say that the legal case, like the OJ case, is not very interesting. However, she notes that CBS is in a weakened condition because of "disastrous" ratings for Rather replacement Katie Couric, (parent company Viacom's majority owner) Sumner Redstone is not pleased with (CBS Corp. President and CEO) Les Moonves, so what better time to hit the animal than when it's wounded? More than that, she continued, if you know Dan Rather you'd know he is still "the poor kid from east Texas saying 'I'm going to get you smarties in the big city.'"

Johnson rambled in answering Doocy's "question" (if you could call it that) that Rather alleges that Richard Thornburgh, former US Attorney General, was "dirty" and said that additionally, Rather implies that he was set up by former AP head Lou Bacardi. Johnson was disbelieving that "these octogenarians and 90-year-old people, like Mike Wallace, Andy Rooney, and Walter Cronkite, coerced him" and wandered off into a stammering charge of narcissism.

Gretchen Carlson stated that "...nothing at CBS happened unless Dan Rather had a part in it," so now for him to claim that he was coerced, that can't be true! Trotta ostensibly backed that up by citing "the three big scandals in broadcast jounalism the last 20 years:" Peter Arnett's "Operation Tailwind" reporting at CNN, Mike Wallace's suicude attempt after the General Westmoreland reporting at CBS, and this case. In all three instances, she said, the reporters blamed the producers, which doesn't wash.

Johnson said Rather has made "a lot of wild charges:" that CBS was currying favor with the White House, that Bush's TANG service was incomplete, and if these things are true, then he should win ("He has to prove it," interjected Kilmeade off-camera) but the evidence we've seen suggests otherwise.

Liz Trotta, (who has sued CBS herself) then put forward something interesting and contrary to the agenda of the conversation (demonizing/smearing Dan Rather). Soon after all this happened at CBS, Sumner Redstone was seen and heard in Hong Kong, announcing that he was a Republican, and no one can tell Trotta that it didn't have something to do with the fact that they had just had this enormous political... Johnson cut her off saying "you can't argue both sides of the story," the music was cued (as she was speaking), and Doocy leaped to the rescue with an inane comment about how well-dressed they all were. Awkward laughter, and the segment ended.

How obvious!! FOX viewers only got one side of this story, and if the facts of Bush's NG service (and awol status) are rehashed in court, I'm sure there'll be a pretty white girl missing that they can talk about instead. Maybe MoveOn will run another anti-establishment ad - that's good for a week or two of hysteria and diversion.