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Bill O'Reilly Demonizes Blogger After Seriously Distorting Her Words

Reported by Deborah - September 17, 2007 -

Tonight, 9/17/07, Bill O'Reilly demonized Jane Hamsher,Firedoglake, for supposedly attacking Elizabeth Edwards directly for critiizing the Moveon Ad. Unfortunately, although this attack from Hamsher never happened, O'Reilly still managed to get the damaging message out there with the support of Kirsten Powers and Tammy Bruce. Then he went for broke declaring. " I think these are fascist people. I think they're Nazis."

O'Reilly showed a picture of Jane Hamsher and claimed she was speaking directly to Edwards in her blog post on Firedoglake and telling her personally how she must behave or else.

In fact, Hamsher was talking about lot of different people and the "you" was collective and not directed at Edwards. So viewers got this idea that Hamsher had written this nasty open letter to Elizabeth Edwards chastising her personally for her comment about the Moveon Ad. He tried to illicit more sympathy for Edwards and more animosity for Hamsher with , "Elizabeth Edwards, of all people!"

Neither Tammy Bruce or Kirsten Powers blinked an eye over the Nazi reference. They just chimed right in helping Bill make his case. It's hard to say if they actually read the full post before the show. I'd rather give them the benefit of the doubt since the alternative is too disturbing for me to process.