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Iraqi Ambassador & General Petreus Grilled By Congress

Reported by Donna - September 10, 2007 -

Today Studio B with Shepard Smith had good news on the progress of the surge in Iraq. They told the story via the banner method. If you use the banner method here's what you got.

* Captitol Hill Hearing on Status of War in Iraq

* Petreus - Iraqi Forces Continue to Grow

* Iraqi Forces Taking On More Responsibility

* Sunnis in Iraq Are Rejecting Al Qaeda

* Petreus - U.S. Will Soon Be Able To Reduce Forces

* Lawmakers Grill U.S. Ambassador on Iraq

* Amb. Crocker - Iraq Had To Rebuilt Nearly From Scratch

* Amb. Crocker - Assessment Is Sober Not Disheartening

* Amb. Crocker - No Single Moment When We Can Declare Victory

* Amb. Crocker - A Secure Iraq Is Attainable

They also said that they hoped to get troop levels down to pre surge levels by the summer (June/July) of 2008. They also added that Iran was deeply involved in Iraq.

Comment: Again, using the banner method, Fox has summed up the sunny picture of Iraq. We report, you decide.