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Fox Brings Ann Coulter on to "Gauge Reaction" to Petraeus' Testimony

Reported by Melanie - September 10, 2007 -

Fox preempted its "premiere business news" program today (September 10, 2007) to air coverage of the testimony of Gen. Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker. After a string of Republicans questioned the two and it was time to move to the Democrats (at 40 minutes after the hour), Cavuto broke in for commentary from -- get this -- Ann Coulter, asking her to "gauge reaction to these day-long hearings." Coulter was in fine form. She did a good job outlining what will likely be the more-of-the-same-propaganda line we'll be hearing from Republicans from here on out -- until who knows when.

Cavuto began by asking Coulter, "how this is being reflected back to folks at home watching it."

Coulter said she hopes they're watching it...but it is "striking how different it is from what we've been hearing from the daily treason reports in the media. I mean, this is the first time, for example, I've heard how many of them we're killing. [Guess she hasn't been paying attention.] I mean, from what you can tell from reading about this war, you would think the only guy we've gotten on their side is al-Zarqawi."

"To hear what's actually going on you suddenly realize how completely treasoness the media is. And the Democrats, they want us to lose. They hate the troops. They think the troops are a bunch of illiterate, toothless, rapists from what I can tell from reading the media on a daily basis. And to listen to Petraeus, it's a completely different picture. Um, but Democrats want us to lose and I defy anyone to present any evidence that contradicts my thesis." (Coulter would herself present evidence later in her rant.) They "want America to lose. They're rooting for Al Qaeda."

Cavuto wondered if these hearings would "move public sentiment" or that of "Democratic politicians who are very much against the war?"

Coulter said, "I don't know that Americans are so against the war... Somehow, every time it comes time to vote, whether it's for representatives in congress or it's through Democratic representatives in congress themselves, they keep voting to continue the war, to fund the war, not to pull out on the war. [There's that "evidence that contradicts" her thesis that Democrats want us to lose the war.] I hear about these polls showing that the nation is ablaze with antiwar fervor so I'm getting a little skeptical about those polls." And, "of course we have to fight this war! This idea that Iraq didn't attack us on 9/11, no country attacked us on 9/11. ... We know that terrorists in Israel were being funded by Saddam Hussein. We know that Saddam was sending his agents to meet with Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda is shooting at Americans right now in Iraq. Where do Democrats want to fight this war?"

Cavuto broke from Coulter and spent a few minutes interviewing an Iraqi vet who thinks we should stay (natch). He then went back to Coulter, adding that he was bringing in Julian Epstein, a Democratic strategist, to join the discussion. But, oops! Forget that: "I think we're not quite set up for Julian," Cavuto said, and that was the last we heard of him.

Cavuto brought up the full page ad MoveOn.org placed in the New York Times this morning and asked Coulter, "How does it resonate?" (Gosh, I can't imagine what she'll say!) Coulter said, "It's just part of the same treason the Democrats have been promoting from the beginning. This is the position of the Democratic party." "Like I say, if you can find any evidence disproving that Democrats want us to lose this war, and hate the troops, I would be interested to hear it." (I refer you back to two paragraphs above.)

Goading Coulter on about the MoveOn ad, Cavuto said, "For better or worse, MoveOn seems to be calling the shots for Democratic candidates -- hell hath no furry like a MoveOn.org ticked off."

Coulter: "This is just a well funded group of people without jobs." (I love that line. A bunch of unemployed people supporting a "well funded group." Whatever.) "They want anarchy. They are ideological ancestors of the people who stuck by Stalin after the Hitler/Stalin pact. These people want anarchy. They hate the United States of America."

Comment: This is such an incredibly sad time.