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FOX and Friends begins daylong cheerleading for Petraeus report, to culminate with exclusive interview with Brit Hume tonight

Reported by Chrish - September 10, 2007 -

The Friends at FOX this morning 9/10/07 presented only guests who support the expected comments of General Petraeus and who support not only "staying the course" in Iraq but further expansion of the war. California Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) and former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R) previewed the report's talking points that shore up the contention that the escalation (the "surge") is working and criticized Democrats (generally) and liberals who want US troops withdrawn from Iraq.

Hunter, a Viet Nam vet whose own son is currently serving a third tour in the Middle East, cited the "downturn in violence" in Anbar Province (which includes hotspots Fallujah and Rahmadi) as evidence that the surge is working and asserted that US Marines now have locals fighting Al Qaeda with them. He opined that Democrats, in their zeal to undermine Bush, may unintentionally inflict collateral damage to their own party.

Neoconservative and chickenhawk Gingrich wants to expand the war, and said that any effort to address the situation in Iraq without putting it in the broader context of the global war would be fruitless. He is addressing the American Enterprise Institute on the subject this morning, and will reiterate to them his view that we need an intense diplomatic offensive, a greater willingness to mobilize resources (does he mean a draft?), and a much bigger defense budget. Several of his fellow scholars at AEI are the principle architects of both the initial invasion of Iraq and the recent escalation policy, so of course they will support it.

A brief video was shown, in Catherine Herridge's report, of Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) saying that it's time to withdraw our troops, and later Brian Kilmeade made reference to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) who said that General Petraeus is not objective and Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) who said that General Petraeus is dead-flat wrong, but that was the extent of "arguments" allowed.

Several references were made to the MoveOn.org ad that ran today in the New York Times, but the emphasis was solely on the headline of the ad, "General Petraeus, or General Betray Us?" The content of the ad and it's contention that his numbers are cherry-picked, with links to numerous reports and analysis from various sources disputing Petraeus' conclusions, was not offered to the viewers. See the ad and the links to resources backing it at MoveOn.org/Petraeus Expect to see the ad attacked all day and all night, with emphasis on the headline and not the content, and calls for Democrats to distance themselves from the organization. FOX fears the political muscle of this genuinely grassroots organization and will do all they can to marginalize them and decrease their influence with Democratic politicians.

Predictions that a withdrawal would lead to unacceptable chaos and death continue to go unchallenged. That people meekly accept the forecasting of this crew, who have been wrong about everything so far, is amazing. Overall, unfair, unbalanced, stay-the-course propaganda, sans meaningful debate.