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Breaking News: Bush Makes Surprise Visit To Iraq

Reported by Deborah - September 3, 2007 -

FOX News is breathlessly reporting the news that Bush has secretly traveled to Anbar Province in Iraq to see first hand what's going on . It seems, however, that he will be spending all his time there on an Air Force base and won't actually get to see anything first hand.

The initial reports showed old clips of Bush holding the fake turkey in 2003 during a previous surprise visit to a base in Iraq. Around 10 AM ET, new video showed Bush and Condoleezza Rice posing in the hot Iraqi desert. Rice , wearing a pale gray business suit and high heels, did not appear to be dressed for a tour of the province in an armored humvee. Another shot, with audio, showed Bush intently listening to a military briefing.

FOX News will surely keep us all informed as this astonishing Labor Day event unfolds.