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Hannity: Craig “Only Charged” With Tapping His Foot, Peeking In The Partition, Putting His Hands Underneath It And Playing Footsy

Reported by Ellen - August 30, 2007 -

Conservative guest Dennis Prager, the radio talk show host who accused Congressman Keith Ellison of undermining American civilization and making it more vulnerable to terrorism as the result of using the Koran in his ceremonial swearing in, was back on Hannity & Colmes last night (8/29/07) with another far-fetched claim: that family-values Republican Senator Larry Craig’s homosexual acts (assuming he engaged in some) were not hypocrisy. Sean Hannity repeated his call for Craig to resign "if he did it," but also hilariously insisted that Craig had “only” been charged with “tapping his foot, peeking in, in the partition, putting his hands under and playing footsy.” With video.

Prager’s intolerance toward Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, so offended the Executive Committee of the Holocaust Memorial Council, of which Prager is a member, that the Committee took the astonishing step of passing a resolution condemning him.

Sean Hannity, however, considers Prager a beacon of moral virtues. “I think you’ve got a great sense of where we should be as a country when it comes to moral issues here,” Hannity said to Prager last night. It took moments before the two of them lit into Bill Clinton and Democrats in a not-so-subtle ploy of changing the subject.

Alan Colmes didn’t buy it. He pointed out that Clinton paid a big price for his indiscretion: impeachment. Then Colmes said he’s amazed that Preager didn’t see any hypocrisy in Craig’s behavior.

Prager conveniently overlooked Craig’s self-righteousness on family values and repeatedly tried to make the issue about gay marriage (and Democrats). “A gay is allowed to be against same sex marriage and not be a hypocrite. There is this rule now that if a gay person takes a conservative stance, he is by definition a hypocrite… It makes you confused, it makes you whatever but it doesn’t make you a hypocrite.”

Guest Juan Williams countered that Craig and other conservatives caught in sex scandals brought family values into the public arena and when found to be living a life that contradicts what they’re espousing, “You say, ‘Oh no, don’t call them hypocrities!”

“Same sex marriage is not personal sexual behavior,” Prager said with a straight face.

Williams retorted, “A man having sex with another man while he is married – in other words, he is cheating on his wife, he’s defiling his marriage vows – and secondly, you know what? When you’re doing it in a men’s room and having anonymous sex you’re engaged in all sorts of violation of morality and laws.”

Hannity interrupted. Perhaps embarrassed at being designated by me as a hallmark of Republican lack of support for Craig the night before, was suddenly protective of him. Counting off on his fingers, Hannity said, “Woah… He was only charged - when you read the report - of tapping his foot, peeking in, in the partition, putting his hands under and playing footsie. That’s ALL he was charged with.”