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A Look Back At Some FOX News Katrina Coverage in 2005

Reported by Deborah - August 29, 2007 -

Here's some samples of FOX News' coverage of Katrina in 2005 from the News Hounds' archives. Even while Shepard Smith, on location, was covering the scope of human suffering in New Orleans in the intial days after the storm, the FOX spin meisters worked to protect the Bush Administration.

On August 31, 2005, Brit Hume was outraged over Cindy Sheehan's comments that the National Guard was in Iraq instead of New Orleans.

John Gibson told Bernard Kerick, 9/1/05, that order was being restored in NOLA despite Shep Smith's report that the chaos had worsened.

On 9/1/0 Steve Doocy defended the Bush Administration complaining of too much " finger pointing" as a chemical storage facility burned on New Orleans.

Who can forget Condi Rice's shoe shopping vacation while foreign countries were trying to reach her with offers of aid.

By 9/03/05, FOX was already doing a Special, America's Challenge After Katrina, defending Bush and pretending there had been great strides made on the Gulf Coast.

It's good for us to never forget what really happened two years ago after Hurricane Katrina.