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Haiku for Michele Malkin

Reported by Chrish - August 27, 2007 -

Full moon Twilight Zone

Strange new meaning to the phrase

Michelle Malkin's right.

Right-wing media darling Michelle Malkin subbed again for Bill O'Reilly on the Factor tonight 8/27/07. Malkin is so far right that she makes O'Reilly look just hard-right by comparison, so it was somewhat stunning to hear her take Bush to task for his record of appointing inexperienced pals to positions of responsibility.

So it hasn't been the "Bush-haters'" imaginations all these years - this really is an incredibly corrupt and inept administration. Unfortunately Malkin and her ilk have kept their criticisms to a minimum in some misplaced party loyalty and now that the final wheels are coming off even the biggest Bush-lovers are deserting him. Enjoy: