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What Was He Thinking? Democratic "Strategist" Yuks It Up With Hannity and Voter-Fraud Suspect Coulter At Democrats' Expense

Reported by Ellen - August 24, 2007 -

Just when I thought that Democratic “strategists” couldn’t sink any lower on the effectiveness scale (at least as far as advocating for their own side), along came Steve Murphy on last night’s (8/23/07) Hannity & Colmes. Murphy was supposed to be there as balance for attacks on presidential candidate John Edwards. But Murphy spent most of his time over the course of two segments joining the merriment of voter-fraud suspect Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity as they frolicked with poisoned and distorted barbs aimed directly at Democrats. He offered next to nothing in the way of support or activism for his own Party. With video.

Murphy, it turned out, works for the Bill Richardson campaign, and seemed to think that the more he helped Hannity and Coulter pile on Edwards, the better for Richardson. But Murphy never offered a single word on Richardson’s behalf – or any Democrat’s, for that matter. Fortunately for viewers looking for some real balance, Alan Colmes did Murphy’s job for him. But Colmes was shut out of Part 1 of the segment and, as is usual on the show, did not partake of the discussion during Hannity’s go-rounds.

As Hannity hyped his upcoming Sunday night “expose” on Edwards’ involvement in a company that is foreclosing on residents in New Orleans, Murphy didn’t think it worth mentioning how Edwards has pledged to provide financial assistance to those residents. Instead, he added to the opprobrium by saying: “There are some considerable inconsistencies between (Edwards’) rhetoric and the reality of his lifestyle. I mean, it’s like he said, there’s two Americas, the very wealthy and all the rest of us and just in case some of us don’t know which side he lives on, he wants to make sure he demonstrates that he lives the lifestyle of the wealthy.” Murphy could not keep from cracking up at his own humor.

It wasn’t until Part 2, when Colmes began his portion, that it was pointed out that Edwards had had no control over the company (from which he said he will divest) and the viewers got the rest of the story about his pledge to remediate those who had suffered.

The middle-aged Coulter, always schoolgirlishly giggly around the married Colmes, seemed to be dressed in a negligee. But her ostentatious cross nevertheless dangled prominently on her bare chest, presumably there to remind us of what kind of morals she represents. Gone was Hannity’s concern for the “rule of law” so poignantly voiced the day before. He has yet to show any interest in the very damning facts behind Coulter’s alleged voter fraud for which she is still under investigation in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Coulter, giddy and speaking with slightly slurred words (though coherent, unlike previous appearances), obviously thought she was the belle of the ball as she tossed off a number of obviously pre-scripted “witticisms” about Clinton and Edwards. Murphy’s only “rebuttal” was to condemn Edwards for calling her a “she-devil” recently. “This is a feud that’s just perpetuated to the benefit of both of them,” he claimed. But he laughed uproariously at her “joke” that it was as though Edwards was stalking her and that she didn’t want to date him. In your dreams, Boombox!