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CBC-FOX sponsored Democratic presidential debate cancelled

Reported by Chrish - August 24, 2007 -

Rawstory.com reported yesterday that

"Fox News has canceled a debate of Democratic presidential candidates next month after several candidates dropped out because they said the cable news network would not provide a fair forum, the Associated Press reports. Organizers hope to reschedule the debate.

"The top three Democrats seeking the nomination -- Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards -- already indicated they would not participate in the debate, which is being cosponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus.

A statement from the CBC cites scheduling conflicts and does not mention complaints that had been raised about Fox News serving as host."

Rep. Bennie Thompson, who chairs the caucus, said that scheduling so many candidates' debates was creating challenges, and FOX News president Roger Ailes said his network planned to reschedule the debate. The Democratic National Committee refuses to officially sanction a FOX-sponsored debate.

Comment: FOX has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be biased against Democrats, and their audience by and large has no interest in entertaining other points of view. Everything they do reinforces one ideology (Republican, neo-con) and undermines the other (Democratic, progressive, liberal). There would be nothing to gain by Democrats reaching FOX's audience and FOX would have a field day with the footage after the fact.